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Are You Embarrassed By Your Smile?

Are You Embarrassed By Your Smile?

Smiling matters. It helps to build trustworthiness, approachability and even sex appeal. No-one should feel embarrassed by their smile, but a surprising amount of people are ashamed to flash those grills.

The reason many of us are embarrassed to smile is usually because we’re embarrassed of our teeth. Without a pearly white smile, many of us don’t feel confident. However, we can all brighten up our teeth with a bit of dedication. There are lots of tooth whitening methods out there including products and procedures. Here are just a few ways to brighten your teeth and reclaim your smile.

Upgrade your toothpaste

If your regular toothpaste isn’t doing the trick, it could be time to graduate to special whitening toothpaste. There are a lot of these toothpastes on the market and some of them can be a bit overpriced and not as good as the label claims. It’s always best to read online reviews, as well as checking out comparison sites such as Wisebread. There are other tooth whitening products out there too such as chewing gums, tooth whitening strips and even special brushes that polish your teeth. Feel free to try out different things.

Baking soda

Try baking soda

Baking soda – that ingredient that most of us have in our kitchen and never use – actually has a hundred uses. One of these is that it makes a mean natural toothpaste. It’s abrasive and great at getting rid of the plaque that stains teeth. Don’t use it too often though – with regular use it could start to strip away the enamel. You’re best using it twice a week at most, whilst keeping up regular brushing.

Try activated charcoal

Charcoal might not be the first thing most of us want to put on our teeth, but like baking soda it can be used as a great DIY toothpaste, eliminating staining on teeth. Companies such as Procoal produce their own activated charcoal toothpastes that could be worth trying out. Use this once a day, followed by normal brushing so that you’re not left with a charcoal smile.

coconut oil

Try oil pulling

If you’ve got any coconut oil, you could even use this as an effective tooth whitener. Swilling a mouthful of coconut oil for fifteen minutes – known as oil pulling – helps to strip the plaque and staining particulates from your enamel and make your teeth whiter.

When all else fails…

If you’re teeth are beyond using whitening toothpaste and charcoal, there’s always the option to get professional treatment. Dental companies like SouthView Dentistry Charlotte can put in some veneers or even fit dentures, which will help you to rebuild your confidence and your smile. There’s even laser treatment, which could be worth trying out. These treatments are costly, so save up your dollars first.

Saying no to sugar

Of course, the one way that you can keep that smile bright is by cutting down on sugar. Soft drinks are the biggest cause of dental problems, but you can limit their effects by opting for sugar-free drinks and sipping through a straw. Coffee, tea and alcohol will also stain your teeth. Your best option is to drink lots of water throughout the day and keep these other drinks as treats – it will have an even bigger effect than cutting out sugary foods.

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