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5 Signs Your Employer Is Taking You for Granted

5 Signs Your Employer Is Taking You for Granted

Have you ever thought to yourself that your employer might be putting a bit too much pressure on you? Whether it’s forcing you to take extra work during the holidays or expecting more from you than your peers, there are many signs to look out for that tell you that your employer is taking you for granted. You could ask for a raise or tell them to stop pestering you once you find out, but here are a couple of signs to keep in mind.

Your employer is giving you all the dangerous and stressful jobs

This is one to look out for if you work on a construction yard or a similar workplace. There will always be dangerous or risk-prone tasks at work, but if you find that your boss is constantly assigning you them, then it’s either a sign they trust you a lot more than the others or they’re taking you for granted. You may want to speak to a lawyer such as Robenalt Law Firm if talking to human resources doesn’t work. No employee should be subject to strenuous or dangerous tasks all the time, so make sure you learn your rights and fight back.

Your employer never praises your accomplishments but will for colleagues

When working as a team, it’s fairly normal for your employer to congratulate you as a group. However, if your employer takes your work for granted, then they might omit you in their celebrations and only give praise to your fellow co-workers. If this is the case, then they might have something against you and could be taking you for granted.

Your employer regularly asks you to help with tasks that receive no thanks

Have you ever been asked to take on some overtime or received a special request from your employer? It’s usually a sign that they have some faith in you, but if they never give you proper thanks or request that you stop and drop everything you’re doing just to help them, then they’re clearly using you and taking you for granted.

Your employer fails to look after you or your interests

A good employer will look after their staff and a bad employer will fail to make their workers feel comfortable. It goes without saying that if your employer doesn’t accommodate your needs or look after your interests, then you might want to consider a new job. Whether it’s fixing a tool or piece of equipment that you use or refusing to give you a much-needed break from work, your employer should be listening to your requests, not ignoring them.

Your employer doesn’t allow you to be creative

There are always going to be certain tasks at your workplace that slow and unoptimized. As an employee of a company, it’s usually your responsibility to point out things that aren’t working and to help improve them as best as you can. Sadly, this isn’t possible with a boss that is overbearing. If your employer uses your skills but doesn’t allow you to be creative, then you’re only hurting your own development.

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