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How Google Assistant feature changes how we use our ThinQ TV

How Google Assistant feature changes how we use our ThinQ TV

The LG brand is getting ready for the release of its Artificial Intelligence enabled television known as ThinQ. This television is coming with a Google Assistant feature and will soon be available to many of the international brand market. It will be available first in Canada, UK, and Australia, while countries like Spain, France, Germany, and South Korea will get access and support to this TVs at the end of the year.

United States market and its users already enjoy the perks of the LG ThinQ as it comes with an integrated Google Assistant and supports coming later for the use of Alexa through command. While some controls are TV-specific and use the native ThinQ AI that runs on the LG’s operating system, other general commands that are tailored to the smart home hub can use either the Google Assistant or Alexa feature. This allows you to use the TV as if it were a Google Home; by speaking into the microphone on the remote.

Apart from its entering into seven new markets, LG will also support five languages, showing that its deep collaboration with Google is going stronger. The Google Assistant feature allows you perform various functions such as the control of lights, appliances, and robotic vacuums as well as making reservations, check weather and many more. Other features such as pause, change of channels and reducing volumes can also be performed by shouting commands on the mic of the remote.

ThinQ LG model is rolling out Google Assistant features to new markets

There are LG models such as Signature W8, C8, E8 and B8 OLED lineup, SK9500, SK9000 and SK8000 Super UHD TVs that are part of the ThinQ line and are already in the US market. The rollout of the Google Assistant feature in the coming month to these other new markets will allow their users to enjoy the perks of an already smarter TV.

As enthusiasts anticipate the arrival of the new features, users of one of the seven new countries that want to have a firsthand experience of the ThinQ can come to the IFA 2018 that is coming up in Berlin next week. The LG brand promises to have a booth where people can see and have a feel for how the Google Assistant features works. However, LG is yet to disclose when or if the use of Alexa will come to the ThinQ TV for the new (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, South Korea, Spain, or the United Kingdom) markets as this is only available in the United States. We hope that the TV is everything we expect and more.