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For Millennia’s: Wedding Traditions

For Millennia’s: Wedding Traditions

Long-standing wedding traditions in various countries that have constituted the standard for an extended period are taking new dimensions. The days of sitting under glowing chandeliers with the formal black-tie on wedding days are fast eroding as millennia’s are opting for less traditional weddings.

As a result, conventional wedding venues like banquet halls and hotel reception rooms are being substituted with unconventional venues including barns and farms. As younger generations keep evolving, traditional wedding etiquettes and traditions are being challenged and altered.

This article will examine how these traditions have been altered so far.

Online Wedding Planning

Websites like Pinterest have been designated for wedding planning. Couples now create wedding websites to make their wedding plans known.

Traditionally, couples setting out to wed would send out beautiful and handcrafted wedding invitations to their prospective guests. These would contain the venue maps, RSVPs, menus and so on. However, the information that exists in today’s invitations is not detailed enough to encompass all necessary details. Couples now do RSVPs via the internet. Some website hosts offer this service; one of such is The Knot.

While this may appear as an excellent form of modernization to the couples, there are certain disadvantages. For instance, aside from the fact that this choice will deny some aged and younger individuals who do not have full access to the website the opportunity of guest-listed, some of those who could fully access it keep RSVP’ing more than once, probably because they had forgotten or maybe they want to have a change of menu.

It is, however, for those making online RSVP to adhere to these instructions: a strictly. Read the prompts carefully. b. Pick your desired meal and hold on to it. c. Ensure you already have an extra RSVP before inviting your date.

Use of Smartphones to capture pictures

Virtually all younger generations now possess smartphones. Its purpose is not excluded from that which pertains to weddings. While waiting for professional photos taken on the wedding day, those taken with smartphones would have been posted on social media platforms. Those who are out-of-town and couldn’t attend the ceremony would already have a glimpse of what transpired all the way. Some would even carry the couples’ hashtag: #mikeandtonia2018, for instance.

Brides are now skipping white gowns

It has always been the convention for brides to put on white gowns; however, little adjustments have been made to that. Brides now wear colored dresses ranging from pale pink to black detailing. Brides’ gowns and even that of bridesmaids are being casualized. This has made many stores selling wedding gowns go bankrupt while others are still struggling to adapt to the trend.

Casualization of Bridesmaids Gowns

Some brides are now asking their bridesmaids to wear any dress they desire (as against the conventional uniform gowns). However, some provide them some guidelines regarding the wedding’s formality and hues from which they can select.

Ceremony Music are now non-Classical

Millennial couples are opting to optimize the tone of their wedding ceremony with kinds of different musical choices. Couples now walk down the aisle to non-classic music. Before your wedding, you should be sure to seek the advice of a bandleader or Dee Jay to give you some modern music options that take firm root in your family’s background and probably your personal favorites.

Couples are surprising their Guests

The biggest surprise millennial couples are giving to their guests is in the form of an unexpected entertainment element.  While some are hiring a fun activity, in the form of a fortune teller, professional dancers, etc., some are making use of belly dancers to entertain their guests. Isn’t this amazing? Some couples, together with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, constitute the entertainer as they perform different forms of dances, including choreographed ball dances.

Local Wedding Details

These range from locally-grown flowers, locally-sourced food and locally-made products for the wedding favor. Today, many couples bring local ideas and elements from their ceremony’s venue into their wedding details. Creative ways in which some have adopted this is by creating a local-themed welcome bag that makes prominent the wedding venue and also contains local beverages, snacks, and other things the couple enjoy.

Cutting of Wedding Cakes

Cutting the wedding cake is no longer a favorite wedding tradition as it was at a certain time. Most couples distribute the cakes at the wedding reception. Some even do it on the dance floor in the presence of all their guests, while others will instead do it in private. However, they still have the capture in their wedding album. Apart from sharing a wedding cake, some couples still serve guests a wide range of desserts via a dessert table. These can include a choice of pies, a cookie buffet, and a sundae bar. With these desserts that couples have integrated into their menus, there is no doubt that wedding cakes are no longer the only desserts of wedding parties.

Honeymoons do not have to occur immediately after weddings

One long-standing wedding tradition is newlyweds leaving for their honeymoon shortly after their wedding. However, couples now take a delayed honeymoon. Some may take weeks while others take months. A significant number of reasons contributes to this innovation: awaiting the right season to visit their desired honeymoon destination or the need to spend reasonable time with family and friends who flew in for the wedding. It is advisable to employ the service of a travel agent while booking your honeymoon. The travel agent will find the most significant deals and plan the ultimate journey guide based on your chosen destination for your honeymoon.


Putting their spin on wedding traditions while planning their wedding is not a bad idea for millennial couples. They are only making things flexible for their bridesmaids, groomsmen and other guests present. Not just that, but they are also integrating unique elements in entertaining their guests. This act is not farfetched from the need to be independent and also make innovative ideas.

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