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5 Things All Fit Moms Have in Common

5 Things All Fit Moms Have in Common

Everyone knows that being a mom is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and that most moms have almost no free time for themselves, but you know what? There are always those fit moms we can look up to, and here’s a list of five amazing things all of them have in common. Check it out and enjoy!

They’re thoughtful about their meals

Being thoughtful about her meals and diet in general is a characteristic of every fit woman, and it becomes even more important when it comes to fit moms who claim that meal prep is the key to success. The majority of them say that stocking up healthy snacks and foods like chicken breasts and fresh vegetables is absolutely essential, as it allows them to always prepare a nutritious meal instead of reaching for fast food when they don’t have enough time for anything else.

They eat a lot of protein

If you ask any fit mom, she’ll tell you that a protein-rich diet is an absolute must – especially if you want to speed up your muscle-building process and allow your muscles to properly recover after an intense workout. As you may already know, your muscles are made from protein fibers that tend to get damaged when you exercise, which is why you need to eat foods rich in protein in order to help them recover. Fit moms recommend eating chicken breasts, lentils, eggs and almonds as these are extremely rich in protein and are therefore highly beneficial for your health.

They exercise on most days of the week

The majority of fit moms exercise on most days, which means that they break a sweat at least five to six days a week. This may seem a lot, but trust us, this is the only way to get in shape and regain your pre-baby body. However, if you’re a novice at working out, you should definitely hire a fitness trainer who can help you accomplish your goals in a shorter period of time. This is the first choice for a lot of new moms, so be sure to check out this option because you certainly won’t make a mistake!

They watch the clock during their workout and waste no time at all

Doing exercises based on time is a lot of fit moms’ go-to choice, which is exactly why they don’t mess around at the gym. Wasting no time at all is their ultimate goal, so they always watch the clock during their workout in order to maximize the time spent at the gym. If you’re one of these ladies, you should give circuit trainings a try, as these are based on specifically timed sets of exercises that are repeated in circuits. You can always use your smartphone timer to track 60, 45, and 30 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest in between, so that you get the most out of your training session no matter what.

They don’t let busy days turn into cheat days

Every mom in the world knows that her day may switch from ordinary to extremely busy within seconds, and that’s why it’s often said that proper organization plays a huge role in any mom’s life. Those busy days can easily turn into cheat days if you aren’t careful enough, so be sure not to let that happen and pay attention to what you eat when you aren’t working out. For example, if you’ve been really consistent with your workouts for the past five or six days, you can definitely indulge in your favorite foods like pizza or pasta, even though it isn’t the healthiest choice out there. On the other hand, remember to eat as clean as possible on days when you don’t have time to exercise, as that’s the only way to avoid eating extra calories and gaining weight. As you can see, these five things all fit moms have in common are truly essential if you want to regain your pre-baby body and be as fit as you were before the pregnancy. Just be sure to stick to them if that’s your goal, too, and enjoy your amazing transformation!

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