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What Does It Really Take To Write A Novel?

What Does It Really Take To Write A Novel?

So, you think you could do as good a job as your favorite authors? Well, writing your very own novel might seem easy at first, but just wait until you get started. There’s a good chance that you might end up really struggling and packing it all in before you get to the end. That’s because writing an entire book is such a huge task, and it is a lot to ask of anyone.

Still think you have what it takes? Read on to find out exactly what it takes to write a brilliant novel!

A Fantastic Idea

First and foremost, you need a story to write about. There’s no point writing a story or tale that you have read before, as no one will want to buy it. So, you need to come up with a totally unique plot that no one has written about before. If is engaging and gripping, then a publisher will snap it up and publish your book for you.

Plenty Of Time

You need to have a completed first draft to send to publishers, such as, before they will agree to help you publish your novel. And that means you need plenty of time to sit down and actually write the book! On average, it takes authors a year to write a first draft from scratch, and that includes all the editing that needs to be done before you send it to publishers. After all, you don’t want any typos in there! So make sure you’ve got enough time so that this project doesn’t drag on forever.


Brilliant English Skills

Next, you need to make sure that your English skills are up to scratch. If a publisher or literary agent receives a badly written first draft that is full of grammar and spelling errors, there is no way they will take it any further. So, make sure that you visit sites like to improve your overall knowledge of the English language. It’s also a good idea to give the draft to a friend to read before you send it anywhere, and they can help you correct any errors if needed.

The Ability To Take On Criticism

Before your novel does get published, it will need to be seen by an editor. It is their job to look out for any typos and to help you improve the structure and overall story. They will read the manuscript through and leave a few comments on it, such as parts to delete and anything that needs clarified. You need to remember that this is all constructive criticism and is there to help you make your novel even better. Don’t take it personally as it really wasn’t meant that way. In fact, a good editor who is fairly critical can take an average manuscript and make it award-winning!

Do you still think that writing a novel is something you could do? Good luck – you will certainly need plenty of that in the world of publishing!

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