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Don’t Forget These When Organizing Your Conference

Don’t Forget These When Organizing Your Conference

It’s one of the biggest days of any business’s year. Sometimes it’s all about bringing all your employees together to celebrate the year that has passed, to give out awards, and to look at the road ahead. Other businesses use them to connect with the market, to build buzz around what’s coming up, and to capitalize on the strength of their community. Whatever your conference is for, make sure that you avoid disaster by keeping the most important pieces of it in mind while you’re organizing.

The venue

Venue choice should be one of the very first things set in stone about any conference. It can be single biggest make or break factor when organizing it. When choosing a good venue, what should you keep in mind? Accessibility is a big factor. If people can’t easily reach it, they’re less likely to attend. In that same vein, you have to consider proximity to accommodation. You might be hosting the conference in a hotel, but are there alternatives available for those who don’t get a room or need to choose another place to better fit their budget? Don’t forget about the importance of setting to the brand, as well. How suitable is the venue for the business?

The presentation

If your conference is going to be like most other business conferences, then the stage is going to be the primary focus of everyone’s attention. For that reason, extra care needs to make sure that it is perfectly set-up. Do you have an experience AV team making sure that it looks perfect? Do you need any extra equipment like a Titan builders hoist to help you support your lighting or any other aspects of the look? The stage isn’t all that matters either, of course. Conferences are social things, so investing in branded material such as stands and backdrops to arrange around the venue can help keep a consistent and professional image that runs throughout the whole event.

The people

There are a lot of people that make a good conference run smoothly. If it’s a public event, then securing sponsors could go a long way to helping you to fund it, so make sure that you communicate closely with them to keep in mind how exactly they want their sponsorship to be reflected through the event. If you have guest speakers, then you need to be open, communicative, and thorough with the details of their travel and accommodation. Of course, you have to manage your conference team, as well. Choose the most efficient employees, those best suited to “sell” your business if it’s a networking event, and keep tabs on their transport, their accommodation, and any other specific needs they might have in order to attend.

Alongside everything mentioned above, remember that conferences are supported by killer content. Know what your audience wants to hear and deliver well beyond it. Whether for internal or external purposes, a fantastic conference can revitalize your team for the year ahead and be something they look forward to every twelve months.

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