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5 Signs It’s Time for a Career Change

5 Signs It’s Time for a Career Change

Deciding to change careers is tough. It’s a huge step with can come with relocation, retraining, lifestyle changes, new friends, financial implications and more. We spend a large amount of our waking time at work, so changing your job can have a massive impact on other areas of your life. Many of us have days where we think “I can’t do this anymore”, where we could happily walk out and never go back. But, few of us actually do it on a whim like that. It takes time and consideration. We have to plan and budget carefully before leaping into a new career. It’s not a decision that you can make lightly. So, it’s important to know the difference between a bad day at the office and the need to make a big change. Here are five signs that it’s time for a career change.

You Have a Desire to Learn

When we start new jobs, we’re often keen to learn as much as we can about the industry and our role. If you work hard and are lucky, you can progress with the same company, learning as you go. But, some of us hit a wall. We reach the point where there’s nowhere else to go and nothing left for us to learn. If you’re the sort of person that loves to learn, you may need a career change. You can study for something like a school counseling masters online, around your other commitments, which is a great way to prepare yourself for a career change.

You Dread Mondays

It’s probably fair to say that most of us hate getting out of bed on Monday mornings. But, there’s a difference between not wanting to get up and struggling to pull yourself out of bed and dreading it the night before. If you spend your Sunday evenings worrying about going back to work and absolutely hate setting your alarm, you might not be in the right place.

It’s Affecting Your Health

Another sign that it’s time for a career change is that your current job is affecting your health. Going home after a bad day and having a little moan is perfectly normal. But, when it’s more than this, it’s a problem. If you find that you are so stressed out that you can’t sleep, and you’ve started to exhibit physical symptoms it’s gone too far.

It’s Just Not You

Our personalities and skills change all of the time. A job that suited you perfectly five years ago might not always. If it feels wrong and you don’t feel like you are using your skills and talents, look for something where you can.

You’re Bored

We all have boring days. That’s fine. It’s not the same as being bored. When was the last time you enjoyed being at work? The last time that you had to focus and think? Do you just do your job on autopilot without thinking at all? Some people like this, if you don’t, make a change.

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