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Functional Job Roles Modern Managers Can Forget About

Functional Job Roles Modern Managers Can Forget About

Any business manager is liable to reach a stage in operations where they have to think about the roles they should fill in order to create a cohesive team and a functioning business. You can only go so far on your own, after all, and employment is guaranteed to have standing on overall success.

Of course, understanding the roles necessary in a successful business isn’t easy if this is your first time. Luckily, resources like those found at can help with breaking down some of the roles that might be applicable.

For the most part, you’re going to want to fill functional roles. These are positions that serve a practical purpose in moving your company forward. They include roles in departments such as sales and production.

Traditionally, functional roles have also referred to positions such as human resources and accounting, but times are changing. Thanks to technology and new possibilities, you may find that you can actually get away with forgetting about certain functional staples. 

To make sure you aren’t advertising jobs you don’t need to fill, consider the following functional positions that you can (kind of) forget about.

IT personnel

You might assume IT personnel are more important now than ever before, but that’s not true. While companies are using more technology, many are finding that IT personnel aren’t worthwhile. Such individuals do, after all, spend the majority of their time tackling repairs and maintenance rather than actually bring functionality themselves. Rather than advertising this role, you may find it worthwhile to seek outsourced IT services like those found at instead. This way, you get to enjoy ongoing IT maintenance without wages, interviews, and so on.

Human resources

Human resources is another functional role you might be best off keeping free from your employment sheet. While employees obviously still need human resources support networks of sorts, many modern managers find that team members aren’t comfortable approaching an in-office HR department. By comparison, many employees seem happier with automated HR systems like those discussed on These provide an added level of privacy, while also making HR more convenient. What’s more, they’re guaranteed to cost less than a fully-kitted HR team.


Last, forget about hiring an accounting team. Obviously, keeping track of business accounts is still vital, but there are now multiple ways to take care of this. Like IT, many companies choose to outsource. This can be beneficial as it takes the hassle out of the process while still ensuring some level of oversight. Or, you may want to tackle this as you have HR and automate with a program like QuickBooks for ease of use and hassle-free accounting moving forward. Whatever you do, don’t waste money on an in-house team that you don’t need anymore.

These are the most prevalent roles that you don’t need to fill right now, but you can bet they won’t be the last. Always keep an eye on advancements, and make sure you aren’t employing where you don’t need to. 

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