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Simple Signs Your Company Has Been Hacked

Simple Signs Your Company Has Been Hacked

Your business is your baby. Whether you are a big business or you are just starting out, you need to consider how to keep your baby protected! Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy. Most businesses find out they have been hacked because of information on the news. There are signs, though, that can tell you that your business has been attacked right at this moment, and this comes from things less obvious than alarms and flashing siren lights. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that your company could be under attack – right now.

  • That Dodgy Attachment. Unsolicited emails are the way to hit a business at its most vulnerable. If you receive an email from your boss and open the attachment, you don’t think anything of it. The thing is, that email? That wasn’t from your boss. Phishing scams are one of the most popular ways to take down a business, and fraudulent email attachments often circulate. Companies like can help here. If you haven’t outsourced your IT management, you need to get on that now to protect your business.
  • Abnormal Activity. When the attackers are in the company, they are often the accounts with the highest user privileges. If you’re noticing those accounts logging in at random times of the day as well as attempts to edit log files or event sources, then you need to crack down on it. You should know what’s normal for your company, allowing you to figure out the abnormal.
  • Too Many Password Resets. Some malware that steal sensitive information attack point of sale systems, trying to reset passwords remotely and failing logins over and over. If you’re having more than the average log in failure numbers throughout the day, you need to tighten the walls of your security and let your IT provider know.
  • What’s That Light? Most laptops and computer monitors now come with built-in webcams. If you’ve got yours and you’ve noticed that the webcam light is periodically flickering on and off, there’s a good chance that you’re being watched by hackers. They could be trying to work out the layout of your office and identify the individuals in your business, and this is dangerous. Lots of businesses choose to tape over their webcams, but you can also choose to ensure that you have the right firewalls that no one can log in in the first place.
  • Traffic Spikes. Lots of businesses keep an eye on their outbound DNS traffic to prevent over use of social media at work as well as other “unsavoury” sites. If you notice a big surge in your outbound DNS, then it’s a good sign that the network has been piggybacked by bots or by hackers. 

Knowing your company has been hacked makes a big difference to your business and the way it runs. Take the time to get to know what signs to look for so that you know what to flag up with your internet and IT provider

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