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Unconventional Things Brisbane Has to Offer to Their Visitors

Unconventional Things Brisbane Has to Offer to Their Visitors

Traveling is never boring, no matter how you choose to do it. However, taking regular city tours and checking off all the biggest attractions can get old pretty fast. Luckily, if you visit Brisbane, you’ll get to experience something completely new. Here are all the unconventional things Brisbane has to offer to its guests.

Diving with manta rays

During the summer, manta rays come to the Manta Bommie dive site where you can come face-to-face with these gentle giants. There are also friendly leopard sharks, guitar sharks, turtles, bamboo sharks, octopuses and different kinds of rays. If you’re lucky, you might even see an impressive lionfish!

Feeding dolphins

One of the most interesting things you can do in Brisbane is feeding the dolphins. Head to the Tangalooma Island Resort jetty at sunset and you can feed wild bottlenose dolphins and get really up close and personal to these beautiful creatures.

Gondola ride

If you’re looking for a romantic activity, look no further than Bribie Island Gondola rides. You can sit arm in arm with your partner as you cruise the picturesque passages and watch the sun over the Glasshouse Mountains.

Swimming at Streets Beach

This is not a very secret venue, but it surely is unique. Streets Beach is a man-made lagoon and beach located in the center of the city, surrounded by urban high rises. The lagoon is as big as five Olympic swimming pools accompanied by 4,000 m3 of sand that’s kept pristine. You get a real beach experience without heading to the coast.

Evening kayaking

If you’re into a little bit of adrenaline, hop in a clear kayak and go exploring historic shipwrecks during the night. You need to rely only on the moonlight and two LED strips to light your way, but they also attract fish that leap at your kayak—very spooky but exciting. If you’re lucky, turtles might come to say hi and you can follow them as they drift through the night.

Helicopter bar crawl

We all know that drinking beer is fun, but in Brisbane, you can arrive at pubs like a movie star with your own helicopter. If you want to feel even more legendary, you can book a private party with topless Gold Coast strippers in Australia and have beautiful girls serve you all night as you sample different drinks. If you love to party, this will be the highlight of your Bribie adventure.

A feminist city tour

When you want to get cultured, book a city tour with Rosa Caroline Praed (1851-1935), a novelist and a woman ahead of her time. She’ll not only show you all about the city but also keep you entertained with her quick wit and smart social commentary. With Rosa to guide you, you will discover many important women who contributed to the city’s life. These ladies innovated and changed the world across the spectrum, from marriage and careers to politics, science, education, religion and arts.

Dancing in the dark

If you want to dance like no one is watching, you can really achieve that at No Lights No Lycra in West End. This party allows you to dance in a dark room surrounded by friends, future friends and strangers while you enjoy banging music and the energy of the crowd. This experience is very liberating and you can attempt all those dance moves you’ve been too shy to premier when there are people watching. This strangely therapeutic yet very fun experience is a must-try.

Brisbane is not your average city. This place has a lot of fun things for every type of traveler, you just need to find your perfect adventure and have a ton of fun in Bribie. You’ll come a stranger and leave a friend!