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Locked Yourself out of Your Car and Left Your Keys In? Don’t Panic and Follow These 4 Steps

Locked Yourself out of Your Car and Left Your Keys In? Don’t Panic and Follow These 4 Steps

One of the most frustrating things a person can experience is locking their keys in their vehicle. That sinking feeling when it is first realized can be just the start of a full panic attack. For many, locking their keys in their vehicle is simply an inconvenience or even a delay in getting to work or being on time to an appointment. For some, however, it can be dangerous. Being in a high-crime area, far from home, and after dark, can put a person at risk for some very distressing situations. Fortunately, there are steps a person can take that can help them get their vehicle open quickly.  It is important when faced with this situation, to not panic. Help is available.

Assess the Situation

The first thing a person should do when they realize their keys are locked in the vehicle is to check to ensure no other doors are unlocked. It can be quite embarrassing to call for help when the back door was unlocked the entire time. It can also save time and money by checking first. The next step is to ensure they are safe. If the vehicle is parked in a strange location that may be at risk for any kind of crime, it may be a good idea for them to find a safe place to call for help and wait. A nearby business or even the place where the person just left could be a safe place to stay until help can arrive.

If there is no safe place to go, contacting the local police may be an option. The police cannot open the door or even pay for help, but they can stay with the person until help arrives to provide safety. Fortunately, there is emergency assistance available at Of course, if the vehicle is at the person’s home or a trusted area, it is fine to stay with the vehicle to find further solutions to the problem. The first step in any situation, however, should always be safety.

Is There a Spare Key?

The next step is to determine if there is a spare key for the vehicle. Some drivers keep a spare key under a wheel well or other discrete areas of the vehicle with a magnetic clip. Sometimes, when things are stressful, they can forget they have that spare key. It is important to calm down and determine if there is a key available. Even if the key is not attached to the outside of the vehicle, there may be a key at home or with a friend. If this is the case, a person can give a call to that person to see if they can bring the key. If there is no spare key, it may be time to consider some DIY solutions for the problem.

There are many tips and tricks for opening a car door one’s self. However, most of these require certain tools to get the car open. If a person is at home, there is a possibility that they may have some things that they can use. For example, a deflated blood pressure cuff could be inserted in the top corner of the door. The cuff is then blown up to create a small gap in the door. A small device, like a wire coat hanger, could then be inserted to trigger the unlock button. It is important to be very careful when trying these solutions. They all have the potential to cause damage to a vehicle.

Check for Roadside Assistance

Sometimes, the cost of calling for help can be a deterrent for many people. Fortunately, there are insurance companies and other services that offer emergency roadside assistance. Many of these will cover the complete cost of lock-out services. Some, however, may only pay part of the service or limit the number of times a person can use the service in a year. Some may even offer reimbursement for the costs of these types of services. If the driver is able to check their insurance or travel club documentation, it may be a good idea to do so. This can let them know what options are available to them and how to use those options. In some cases, a person may be required to contact their motor club to have them dispatch a tow truck to get the service covered.

Another good idea for any driver is to stay up to date on these services. It can be safer and save stress by understanding the details of their insurance policy or motor club before an incident occurs. Many services offer convenient apps for a phone. This allows the driver the ability to access their benefits easily on their phone. In some cases, a call for help can be as simple as tapping a button on the phone.

Call a Locksmith

Probably the safest and most convenient way to get help when keys are locked in a vehicle is to call a locksmith. Many locksmiths offer emergency services. Their team can identify your location, often with GPS, and dispatch help immediately, any time of the day or night. A locksmith is also the best person to be able to open a vehicle without causing serious damage to the car. Their entire training and experience revolve around opening locks. Their professional experience ensures that the vehicle will be opened quickly and efficiently.

A locksmith can help with a variety of problems that may occur with a vehicle’s locking and ignition systems. Although many stores offer services to create duplicate keys, they cannot create many of the newer vehicle keys. A locksmith has the capability and equipment needed to help with replacement vehicle keys of any kind, including keyless systems and chip keys. A locksmith can also help in situations where the lock to the vehicle is frozen or damaged. They can replace broken keys, even if they broke off in the car door’s lock. Many locksmiths can even provide services to replace or repair vehicle ignitions.

Being locked out of a vehicle can be a difficult situation for anyone. Staying calm and knowing what to do next could save drivers a lot of time, stress, and frustration. Keeping the proper apps and phone numbers saved into a driver’s cell phone can provide the help they need at their fingers, regardless of the situation.

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