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Developing Your Best Preemptive ‘Injury Strategy’

Developing Your Best Preemptive ‘Injury Strategy’

Injuries can happen to anyone. They can come from anywhere. They can happen at any time. This is a sad reality which we often become aware of when one befalls someone close to us, or we see something unfortunate on the news. Of course, in order to live your life well and positively you can’t think about this eventuality daily, or you’d struggle to leave the house. The saving grace is that statistically, many more people in your area and nation will NOT experience an injury than those who will. If it does befall you, you’ll likely tap into some inner strength you might not know you possess as of this moment.

That being said, it’s always best to develop a preemptive injury strategy. This means developing a course of action you’ll take when you do become injured in some way. No one enjoys having their body injured or aggravated, so as you try to heal it’s important to have all the systems that take care of you sorted out.

Time Off

Many people have jobs which allow them to take sick leave, or even more extended absences and still be paid. It’s often your right as an employee. It’s important to see how much leave you’re entitled to at your firm, and familiarize yourself with the difficult process. This can help you instruct your helper to communicate with your firm if you’re unable to, or it can help you understand exactly the timeframes you have to heal or apply for further time to do so. If you work freelance, it’s always best to keep a buffer of funding behind you to make use of as you default on projects.


Money is the first thing you’ll notice a lack of when injured, so it’s important to build that safety net. At the very least, building positive connections with people allows for you to be taken into their emergency care if this warrants this. Forming a pact with someone outside of your immediate circle, such as a cousin or an auntie or uncle can work out. If you promise to take care of each other financial if some unfortunate circumstance befalls the other, you immediately have a point of stability in case everything goes wrong for you.


Of course, often injuries aren’t our fault. Sometimes things can befall us which really seem to have come out of nowhere. A good example of this is driving. You can be the safest and most responsible driver on the road, but it’s likely there’s at least someone on the road being careless or not as attentive as they could be. For this reason, keeping a personal injury lawyer on hand can help you litigate effectively and immediately if you feel entitled to compensation. Many times these services can even help you understand the significance of what has happened to you. While obviously they don’t provide any direct therapeutic services, becoming financially compensated and justified in your blame for the incident can help you settle the affair in your mind.

With these tips, we’re sure your preemptive injury strategy will have a strong start.

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