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How To Impress Clients at Your Office

How To Impress Clients at Your Office

Whether it is a first meeting or you are bringing established clients to your office, you want to leave them with the best impression possible. Your office tells them a lot about your company. If it is disorganised and chaotic, the client may begin to think that you run your operation in the same way. However, if everything looks professional and they are treated well by your staff, they are much more likely to do business with you. So, here are just a few of the ways that you can impress the clients that visit your office.

Train Your Employees

Your employees should become used to staff visits, and even if they are not directly involved with that client, it is important that they are still personable and welcoming. If people are left waiting and staff members walk past without greeting them, this can instantly leave a bad impression. Clients should feel like they are valued from the moment they step through the front door, and all your staff members should play their part in ensuring that this is the case.

Maintain a Tidy Office

Your office should be kept clean and tidy – particularly the public areas and any meeting space that you will bring them into. If you don’t have the staff to keep the pace as spotless as you would like at the moment, you could look into office cleaning services. You should also look to sort out anything else which may leave a bad impression such as chipped paint, a worn carpet or ageing decoration.

An Appealing Entrance Area

There are several ways that you can make the entrance area of your office more appealing. To start off with, you could invest in a coffee and water system to give people the option to serve themselves rather than having to wait to be made a drink. You could also have some fresh fruit to snack on. It is also a nice touch to have a couple of newspapers and recent magazines that they can flip through while they are waiting.

Invest in a Virtual Receptionist

Instead of your old-fashioned guestbook, you could invest in a virtual receptionist that allows people to sign themselves in. You can get models which will then send an alert to the relevant member of staff to tell them that their guest has arrived. Not only is this a more efficient system, it also makes your business seem more modern and cutting-edge.

Display Marketing Materials

You should have some of your own marketing materials in the waiting area of your office. Perhaps some company brochures and case study books that clients can flip through at their leisure. This kind of material can help to make the sale for you before you even get into the meeting room.

Make the right impression at your office, and you are much more likely to build lasting relationships with your clients which stand the test of time.  

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