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Injured At Work? 3 Different Ways An Attorney Can Help You

Injured At Work? 3 Different Ways An Attorney Can Help You

You’re a hard working and dynamic professional. You’ve given the company that employs you some of the best years of your life and some of your very, very best work. You’ve brought your incredible work ethic, extraordinary people skills and uncanny imagination to bear on your job and not only made money for your employer but helped to ensure that they have a sterling reputation. It hasn’t always been easy. You’ve struggled with the difficult balance of managing both your professional and family life. You’ve had to make sacrifices and put in extra hours that have seen you miss out on social occasions and much-needed time with your family. You’ve given your best even on occasions where you weren’t recognized or properly appreciated for it.

For all this, you expect your employer to have your back through thick and thin, through times of prosperity and austerity. But when they are injured at work, many employees find that they do not get the support and guidance from their employers that they feel they should. As such, they find that they must seek their own expert legal advice. If you have been injured in an accident at work and are currently facing denial of benefits or the rejection of a claim an attorney can help in a range of ways. Here are just a few…

Disability insurance claims

If you have been rendered unable to work as a result of your injury, you may well be entitled to disability benefit under your employer’s group disability insurance. However, you may find that your claim is rejected by your employer’s insurers. In this instance an attorney can work with you to help you to either make an application or help you to appeal a decision. After all, this is a benefit for which you have paid, why shouldn’t the insurer live up to their side of the bargain?

Workers’ compensation claims

Some people are not aware that you can claim for disability insurance and worker’s compensation. Applying for one does not disqualify an employee from applying for the other,. Indeed, in many cases it proved prudent to apply for both as one may be appropriate where the other is not and in some circumstances an award is made under both.

Again, an attorney can help you in making or appealing a claim for workers’ comp. Keep in mind that certain conditions need to be met when making a claim for workers’ comp.

Negligence suits

Very rarely do employee injuries take place in a vacuum. Very often an employee injury implies a fundamental failure on the part of either an individual or the health and safety infrastructure of an organization. If you believe that your injury was caused by the negligence of a fellow employee or your employer an attorney can help you build a negligence suit against your employer.

You weren’t the office doormat at work, and you shouldn’t become one in the instance of a workplace injury. Getting the proper legal representation can help you to ensure that you get what you deserve under the law. No more, no less!

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