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Checklist for Opening a Daycare Centre

Checklist for Opening a Daycare Centre

There is no doubt that working with children is a demanding career path, but there are few jobs as rewarding as seeing little ones learn and grow. If you love kids and know how to work with them, starting a daycare business is a fantastic idea. Every parent is concerned with providing their child with a quality early childhood care and education. If you have the same vision and want to try your hand at being a daycare owner, here’s a checklist of what you will need to do.

Plan your business

Every business endeavour starts with careful planning. It’s an essential step in order to figure out what you can expect at the beginning of your career and prepare for it. 

  • Figure out your budget and find funding. Are you going to use your own savings or seek out a loan? 
  • Do a financial projection to make sure that you will be able to withstand the first few months or even years before your business starts generating a profit. 
  • You also need to do thorough market research and write a market analysis to figure out what your competitors are doing and if there is demand for the services you plan on offering. 
  • It’s also a good idea to plan your marketing ahead of time. 

You can look into online business plan templates or partner up with someone who has experience since there is a lot to cover.

Mind the laws and requirements

Before you can even think about setting things in motion, there are several important steps to make sure you will be operating legally and comply with all the regulations that are in the place where you live. 

  • A daycare centre, just like any other business, needs to be registered. Decide on the appropriate business structure for your daycare centre. 
  • Besides registering your business, your daycare also most likely needs to be licensed, but you have to check your local regulations to find out what exactly this involves. 
  • The same goes for necessary certifications and qualifications for all the staff. If you lack formal training, now is the time to attend a course. 
  • Next, buy the appropriate kinds of insurance to protect yourself, the children, your staff, and your premises. 
  • Finally, you will also need to prepare policies and contracts. You may want to contact a professional to help you out with this aspect of your business. 

Find a location

The next important step on the path to opening your own daycare centre is finding the appropriate location for it. You have several options here:

  • One of the most straightforward options is starting this business from your home. If you have some unused space that you could convert for this purpose, a daycare centre is one of those business ideas that are suitable for this. 
  • The second option is looking for real estate you could rent and tailor it to your needs. 
  • Finally, you can find an already existing daycare facility and purchase it ready to be used.

In either case, make sure you check zoning regulations that may limit your facility. For instance, in some places, daycare facilities are not allowed in residential areas. Local demand will also play a role in picking the right location for your daycare centre. 

Equip your daycare centre

Finding the right location is just the beginning when it comes to opening the gates of your daycare facility. You need to create an environment where children can thrive and learn, so the issue of furnishing your daycare centre needs to be treated with careful thought. Together with your staff, you figure out what kind of education you will be providing and purchase supplies based on the planned activities. 

  • Invest in craft supplies, age-appropriate toys, and fun playground equipment to keep little ones busy all day.
  • Get appropriately-sized furniture for children and create a stimulating environment.
  • Stock up on cleaning supplies.
  • Be sure to acquire all the necessary safety equipment, too. 

You can start small and scale up gradually since the list of supplies you will need is undeniably long and can add up.


In this day and age, few parents have the time to be by their child’s side at all times. However, they are still very much concerned with the kind of care and education their child will get at the facility where they spend these crucial developmental years of theirs. Opening a daycare centre is not something you can do instantly and it’s certainly a lot of work, but if this is your calling, it’s well worth the time and investment.