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5 Biggest Lifestyle Trends We’ll Be Seeing in 2021

5 Biggest Lifestyle Trends We’ll Be Seeing in 2021

From business closures and holiday cancellations to the largest pandemic we have ever faced, 2020 has been a difficult and stressful year many have dubbed the worst one yet. Moving forward, it seems like most of us will focus on rebuilding what we’ve lost throughout 2021, and finding new, healthier ways to care for ourselves, as well as our environment. To that end, here are some of the biggest lifestyle trends that will help us make positive changes this year:

Computers for work and entertainment

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us were forced to work from home, using our computers for everything from sending out emails to conducting business meetings over Zoom. And as the uncertainty of the situation continues into 2021, this trend of remote working is unlikely to change anytime soon.

However, it seems like our computers have become the number one gadget in our homes, providing relief and fun during such difficult times. Whether it’s music and TV streaming services, playing video games, or even creating digital art, we have been using our computers for all forms of entertainment more than ever before in 2020, and it seems like the trend will continue well into this year.

Simpler fashion and beauty trends

The “stay at home” orders have impacted more than our work lives; other lifestyle aspects like fashion and beauty have been significantly affected as well. For instance, instead of following the latest fashion trends and dressing for the sake of looks alone, we are now mostly focusing on comfort, opting to invest in loungewear, sleepwear, and even activewear that will make us feel warm and cozy.

Similarly, our beauty routines have minimized as much as possible. Makeup is now reserved only for necessary occasions such as work meetings, and is often done in a more natural and minimal way. Skincare routines have simplified as well, with most choosing only the necessary aspects like cleansers, moisturizers, and treatments, rather than splurging on extra steps.

The rise of tobacco-free vape pens

Ever since it became a massive trend a couple of years ago, vaping has continued to rise in popularity, as a healthier alternative to smoking. And as the novel pandemic has forced many to rethink their health choices and work on their wellness, not only is a higher number of people opting for vape pens in 2021, but they’re also choosing the best and healthiest vape option possible.

For this reason, tobacco-free vaping options such as the smooth OZE vape pens have become the number one choice. Apart from using the highest-quality nicotine in their products, these pens also offer a relaxing vape experience, as well as a number of delicious flavors, suited for any adult who enjoys those calming zen moments throughout the day.

Travel focused on nature and isolation

As social distancing becomes an important aspect of our lives, it interlinks into all lifestyle areas, including travel. In 2021, driving in your own vehicle will be the number one choice when it comes to travel transportation, whether it’s short road trips or long-distance drives.

What’s more, the destinations we choose for our vacations will likely change as well. Instead of crossing the border, many are deciding to travel locally, opting for the seaside, ski resorts, and nearby national parks. These destinations will be the most common choice in 2021, most likely due to the isolation they offer, as well as the fresh air and the natural surroundings we’ve been craving during social distancing.

Fun and easy DIY home improvements

The requirements to stay at home have also lead us to rethink our surroundings, encouraging the need for home DIY improvements that would redefine our living space. For instance, many were forced to design an office or a workstation for their remote working needs, while others simply decided to spend their extra free time completing any unfinished projects or beautifying the space they spend so much time in.

As we will likely need to spend most of our free time indoors in 2021 as well, expect to see a myriad of DIY home improvement ideas throughout this year, from simple paint jobs and new decor items to entire room renovations, some of which you might just wish to do yourself.

Evidently, 2021 will undoubtedly be an exciting year filled with growth and positive changes, proved by these wonderful lifestyle trends that might inspire you to transform your life as well.

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