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Outdoor Activities: 5 Tips for a Healthier Life

Outdoor Activities: 5 Tips for a Healthier Life

The sunny days of spring and summer are an invitation to do outdoor activities, great for anyone looking for a healthier life. And world has several public spaces that stimulate the body to move: squares, parks, neighborhoods… So put together five tips for you that already want to get into 2019 by activating your well-being.

  1. Change the screen of the phone by real meetings

Before we talk about exercises, it is worth remembering: talking face to face with friends and family is a great source of pleasure and health. How about leaving the cell phone a little aside and invite someone to take chimarrão in a square or have a picnic in the park? Treat this type of leisure as a commitment that you can not miss! Wander around with your loved ones and also meet new people.

  1. Walk and pedal in the parks and on the streets

In addition to exchanging your smartphone for the physical company of people, you can also try replacing the use of the car for routes made on foot or by bicycle – although only a few days of the week. It’s a way to make better and healthier time to travel from home to work. If it’s impracticable from Monday to Friday, enjoy the weekend and get your body moving! Walking and cycling are great outdoor activities for the cardiovascular system and to lose or maintain weight.

  1. Run and gain more disposition

The practice of racing is on the rise, with more and more practitioners, groups and instructors. And if you live near a park, even better! Running has several benefits: it also increases cardiorespiratory capacity, activates blood circulation (favoring the heart) and strengthens muscles, bones and joints. As with any physical activity, it is essential to have a medical evaluation to define the frequency and intensity of the exercises. If you want to get Product Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for health and medical applications then 10ion will help you.

  1. Practice different physical activity

If you see a lot of people running and pedaling around, but are not encouraged by these modalities, how about trying something less usual? Football, for example, has more and more adepts between men and women, gaining space in squares and parks. Roller skating is another alternative that can be experienced, with lots of fun and excellent results for the muscles of the buttocks and legs. Without physical equipments, you cannot do it. So before buying it, just know the reviews of it. Why Reviews are important? What Do Things need to consider before online shopping? You can check out at 10ion. Just two examples of other physical activities you can do outdoors!

  1. Approach Nature

Last but not least: Contact with the nature of outdoor activities is great for turning off the brains of professional routine and indoor settings – starting with the absorption of vitamin D from skin exposure to the sun. Try refreshing yourself with the breeze from the trees, listen to the birds and feel the feet touching the grass of the parks. They are simple habits that help fight stress and anxiety, and make your daily life more light and enjoyable.

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