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5 Fashion Resolutions Every Mom Should Make in 2019

5 Fashion Resolutions Every Mom Should Make in 2019

Apart from the usual New Year’s resolutions, it’s important to make some resolutions regarding your fashion choices, especially if you are a busy mom who doesn’t have the time or the patience to meticulously plan every detail of your outfit every day. Apart from dictating how you are perceived by the world, your personal style can also make a great impact on how you feel about yourself, so why not make these 5 fashion resolutions in 2019 and feel good about sticking to your goals this year?

1. Embrace your figure

Before you make any other fashion resolutions, the first step is to get familiar with the shape of your body and fully embrace it. What may look good on a pear shaped figure will most likely not suit an apple shaped one. Knowing your body shape and what suits it will help you grow your confidence and ensure you always look good, no matter what you wear, even when you’re wearing a swimsuit. When it comes to swimwear, there’s no wonder the Australian scene is one of the best, so why not try finding one piece swimwear in Australia that fits your figure perfectly?

2. Invest in quality basics

As a mother, you may feel guilty about splurging on yourself every once in a while or you just can’t seem to find the time to go shopping for clothes. While rushing to the mall and picking up a few cheap t-shirts may sound like the best solution, the truth is that if you invest in good quality basic pieces, they will last you for years to come and they will save you money in the long run. Apart from being more durable, such staple clothes are also very versatile and they can easily be transformed from a casual outfit into a more polished one, with just a few carefully chosen accessories.

3. Dress up every day

Whether you are going out or staying at home, make a resolution to dress up every day. You don’t necessarily need to wear an incredibly elegant outfit every day, but you shouldn’t spend your time at home in an old t-shirt and stained sweatpants either – don’t let the mirrors in your home turn into your enemy. When you wake up in the morning, devote a few extra minutes to choosing your outfit for the day and you will see just how quickly your overall mood can improve and your confidence grow when you do yourself this simple favor.

4. Don’t sacrifice your comfort

That being said, another important resolution you should make is to never sacrifice your comfort for the sake of fashion. Those tight skinny jeans and high heels you love so much may look extremely chic, but they are most likely very uncomfortable and highly impractical, especially when you are a busy mom. Next year, only devote yourself to looking chic in the most comfortable way possible and make your day-to-day life that much easier.

5. Wear what you love

Don’t try to follow every fashion trend that becomes popular next year – there is no point in trying to look fashionable if you don’t love every part of the outfit you’re wearing. Whether it’s bright colors and playful prints, or perhaps neutral monochrome outfits, only choose the clothes that make you feel good. If an item in your closet doesn’t make you feel happy, then it’s not worth wearing. If you stick to this resolution, you will always feel confident and satisfied with your fashion choices as a result.

When it comes to fashion resolutions, 2019 should be all about staying true to your style, being more adventurous with your choices and only investing in comfortable, well-fitting clothes that will last you a lifetime.

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