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Teaching Teens about Healthy Eating and Workout Habits

Teaching Teens about Healthy Eating and Workout Habits

Compared to toddlers, teenagers might seem easy to handle for most people – they just want their privacy and freedom. If you give them that, they’ll be happy and calm until it’s time to leave home. But, in reality, it’s quite the opposite. Raising teenagers is very challenging and demands from parents the right approach. This particularly includes paying attention to their mental as well as physical health.

Teaching your teens about healthy eating and workout habits is far from easy, and if you’re trying to do exactly this, here are a few strategies that might prove helpful.

Set a good example

Since they’re born, your children look up to you and it may sound easy to set a good example, but it’s more demanding than you can imagine. Leading by example and showing your children how to behave, what to do, and how to solve your problems takes time, patience, and energy, but the upside is that it’s absolutely worthwhile!

Fortunately, it comes down to a few simple things – act as you preach! Eat healthy food and stay in shape yourself, and you will automatically encourage them to do the same. Even better, involve them in the process and teach them how to prepare healthy meals, play different sports with them whenever possible, and hang out with them in nature every chance you get.  

Cook together

As mentioned above, getting your kids involved in the process of preparing meals is the best way to get them aboard even if it doesn’t sound fun in the beginning. However, it’s essential for their development and their health. As they get better at handling recipes, you’ll all start enjoying the process and your family bonds will strengthen, which in return, will have a beneficial effect on everyone’s mental health as well.

The greatest benefit you get from cooking with your teens is that you teach them about making good food choices. You don’t rely on fast food or pre-cooked meals, soda drinks and unhealthy snacks. Instead, you teach them how it is essentially easy to use fresh ingredients to prepare healthy meals. If you find yourself struggling with ideas, you can simply turn to the helpful Motherhood app where you can get in touch with parents in the same situation and exchange ideas. Once you all get the hang of things, your kids will become more confident about cooking which will inspire them to stick to it when they grow up and this is something you can’t put a price on.

Work out together

Most teenagers are mortified by their parents and it’s absolutely embarrassing for them to be seen in public with their parents, especially in places like the gym. You can’t really do anything there, but what you can do is work around it so you can still spend time together being physically active. You can go biking, hiking, jogging, kayaking or swimming together.

In addition, pay attention to your teens’ activities – limit their screen time to 2 hours a day and make an extra effort to include physical activity into your family’s daily routine. Encourage your kids to join a sports club, such as your local football, volleyball or martial arts club. These activities can help a child’s growth and boost their self-esteem.

Another thing you should teach your teens is how to avoid the most common workout mistakes, such as pre and post-workout stretching, pushing oneself over the limits, and not eating the right pre and post-workout food.

Be there for them

It may come as a surprise given the teens’ fervent need for freedom and privacy, that the only thing most of them truly need is support and love from their parents. Regardless of how strong-willed, independent, and self-confident they are, they still need to know you will be there for them. The same is with installing healthy eating and workout habits – they need you to be supportive every step of the way.

This journey towards health and happiness might prove to be longer and harder than all of you could have expected, but that’s exactly why support is so important. From supporting their sports interest and future career choices to comforting them in times of relationship troubles, these are the crucial moments that will fortify their sense of self and pave their path towards healthy and happy adult life.

Have the important conversation with them regarding sex, be honest about your family’s values, opinions, and expectations. Ask your family doctor for help and provide the necessary information and facts. Talk openly about the sexual messages your children get in school and from social media. Help them understand what is real. Urge them to be open with you about their emotions and mental state as well, and keep an open mind. Your children will be more willing to talk to you if they aren’t afraid of your reactions.

Parenting is hard work at any stage as it demands high levels of responsibility and devotion from parents. All ages have their challenges, so teen age is no exception. Installing healthy eating habits and workout routines in your teenagers is challenging but it’s a necessary process that will help your kids develop into healthier, responsible adults.