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7 Perfect Jobs for Dog Lovers

7 Perfect Jobs for Dog Lovers

Are you a dog person? If communication with four-legged pets is your calling, it is quite possible to make it your favourite profession. Here are some popular dog-related specialities that can provide a job seeker with a steady source of income.

1. Groomer

Our pets are in constant need of nail polish, ears and mouth cleaning. Some breeds require trimming and hair removal around the ears and eyes. These manipulations can be performed by an experienced groomer – a professional who has devoted his creativity to improving the exterior of domestic dogs.

A groomer not only brings out the individuality of an animal with a creative haircut. He is engaged in the constant prevention of diseases that are unpleasant for the dog – the deposits of tartar, lumps and parasites on the coat. 

You can become a groomer by completing specialised courses. They are usually organised by animal grooming salons. You can learn a profession online and get a certificate later.

2. Handler

Handler is a specialist who can present a dog at a show. So that the animal does not get stress and goes through all the stages perfectly, it is necessary to carefully prepare it. The appearance of the dog is, of course, important, but the main thing is that the dog initially considers itself a winner in the ring.

You can start learning how to be a handler in childhood, regularly attending special courses with your dog. Kennel centres can issue an official diploma.

3. Zoo psychologist

Zoo psychology examines how animals perceive the world around them. Even members of the same dog breed often behave differently. Each animal has its own intelligence and, therefore, an individual view of what is happening.

Animal psychologists also study changes in animal behaviour, such as stubbornness or aggression. A professional will always be able to understand the cause and correct the dog’s behaviour. The zoo psychologist constantly interacts with the owner, advising him about possible problems.

4. Dog sitter

A dog sitter is a person who will take a dog to his home or live at the customer’s house during his vacation. The responsibility is considerable, so organisations carefully select a suitable candidate from a variety of applicants.

Each breed has its own characteristics, in addition, the character of the dogs is different, and sometimes the pet is not too calm. It is extremely important for a professional to find an approach to any animal, so make sure to read a couple of books on the subject and find suitable training.

5. Vet

The veterinarian is one of the most popular animal-related professions. The specialist needs to know the physiology of pets and be familiar with modern methods of examination and treatment, as well as have good motor skills to perform complex manipulations. The veterinarian must be a sympathetic, caring person and a real professional.

This speciality can be mastered in higher and secondary specialised educational institutions. 

6. Dog trainer

These specialists teach dogs different commands, corrects their behaviour in difficult situations.

Professionals can train visually impaired guides, rescue and detection dogs. Sometimes they teach animals to look for truffles or dangerous mould on the walls of houses.

You can get this interesting profession in many universities, as well as in secondary schools or you can get a professional dog behaviourist course.

7. Canis therapist

Canistherapy is a special technique for the treatment and rehabilitation of disabled people and people in difficult psychological situations. There are more and more people in the world who want to try themselves as canis therapists.

To master the profession, it is necessary to have a number of certain personal qualities, to thoroughly know the character of the dog and the subtleties of the interaction of the animal with the patient.

To become a canis therapist, you need to get a higher pedagogical or medical education, and then complete specialised courses.


A job does not always mean just a source of income. You can turn your love into work and enjoy it every day. If dogs are your best friends, we are sure that this article with the list of professions was useful for you and that you already have found the right occupation for yourself.