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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Long – Distance Relationship

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Long – Distance Relationship

Valentine’s Day is a special day for all the lovers. It’s a day that represents love, compassion and commitment. For the lovers, this day can be special and memorable, but if you happen to be in a long-distance relationship celebrating this holiday can be tricky. But remember, just because you and your loved one aren’t together psychically it doesn’t mean you can’t make this day special for both of you. To enjoy this holiday despite the distance that separates you, you just need to get a bit creative. To help you with that, here’s a short-list of some ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a long-distance relationship.

Organize a Trip

What’s better than surprising your loved one by showing up unexpectedly on his or her doorstep? If circumstances allow you, plan that trip, get that ticket and get your partner the best gift – yourself. To make it more fun, try giving your partner some clues, eg. special spots and places that hold a special meaning to your relationship. After following those clues, your partner will find you waiting for him or her. If you’re both helpless romantics this might be a nice way to spend Valentine’s Day and create a special memory of it.

If you and your significant other aren’t into surprises, you can try planning a trip with your partner to a special place that both of you would like to visit. A weekend getaway to the mountains or a city you’ve never been before can be a great way to spend time together and make this holiday memorable.

A Thoughtful Package

Everyone loves and enjoys attention and thoughtful gifts, especially if it’s not expected and if it’s from someone you care about. If you’re not able to organize a trip and spend this day with your partner, sending a thoughtful package to your loved one can surprise them and make them feel loved. The package doesn’t have to be a big one and it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Just be creative and find some ways how to demonstrate your attention, care and love for your partner. For example, send them a package filled with all the small things that remind you of them. Or, send flowers overseas followed with a love letter, or a box full of their favourite chocolate. 

A Movie Night

For long-distance partners, a cool way to celebrate Valentine’s Day could be setting up a movie date. There are lots of romantic movies made especially for this holiday, but if you’re not up for that just choose a movie together, turn on Skype or any type of video call, curl up in a blanket in bed and enjoy a movie together. You can even discuss a movie while watching it or you can pause it at the same time if someone needs to take a break for snacks. Organizing a movie night is a cheap and quick way to enjoy some time together. This way you can both laugh, cry and express any other emotions related to the movie and your thoughts, which will make you close despite the distance.

Dinner Date

Similar to the previous one, organizing a dinner date via Skype or any other video system you like to chat with each other, could be a nice way to make this day romantic and memorable. If both of you have enough time, each of you could make a special dish for one another. That can be your partner’s favourite dish or if you remember – it could be a dish your partner was eating on a first date you had together. If it’s possible to try recreating your first date to impress your loved one and to make it even more romantic. This will leave them impressed and loved, which is exactly the purpose of this holiday.


Nowadays, thanks to technology you can easily make a music playlist. You don’t need to mixtapes for ages as in the old days, all you need is some free time and a will. Making a playlist of your partner’s favourite bands and musicians is a thoughtful way to show them you know them well enough and you care about them. You can make a playlist using Spotify or YouTube and then email them or even better, put songs on a USB drive and send it as a package to their address. If you have enough time and enough knowledge of what your significant other likes, you can make a few playlists each for a different occasion. For instance, make them a playlist when they’re happy, a playlist when they need encouragement or a playlist that has a special significance to your relationship. 

If you’re not good at making a playlist, but you both enjoy some bands and musicians, a cool way to celebrate Valentine’s Day could be by taking your partner to the concert of the artist you both like. This way, you’ll get a chance to psychically be together and enjoy something you both like.

Write Them a Card

Nothing’s more romantic than writing a personal card and expressing your feelings. If you’re not sure what to write just try not to hold back anything. If you’re creative enough you can write them a poem, or you can just make a list of all the things you like about them and all the lovely memories you have together. Writing a card or a love letter is a great way to remind yourselves what’s so special about you and the love you keep on growing and looking after. To make it more personalized you can add some photos to the card. This gift is very thoughtful, emotional and everlasting.


Valentine’s Day is a special day for all the lovers out there. If you happen to be in a long-distance relationship try not to feel sad about that since there are lots of ways how to be emotionally together with your partner despite the psychical absence. No matter if you celebrate this day by sharing memories, exchanging gifts or talking over the phone, don’t let the distance get you down. Instead, be happy and grateful for your significant other and try to make this day special for both of you. 

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