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How to Jump Back in the Dating Pool

How to Jump Back in the Dating Pool

Once you go through a rough breakup, you might think that you will never be ready to date again. However, time heals all wounds and slowly but surely, you will forget about your heartbreak and start feeling a bit curious about what’s out there. If you feel ready to get back to dating, no matter if you’re gay, lesbian, bi or any other letter in the LGBTQ+ acronym, here are a few things to keep in mind: 

Make a list

As a newly single person, you actually have many advantages when it comes to finding a perfect partner. Firstly, you have one more experience behind you that you can use in your next partner search. Also, you have a fresh realization of what it feels like to be in a committed long-term relationship. Therefore, you can be objective when creating a list of all the qualities you want in your new partner, so you don’t end up disappointed again. And don’t be too critical because there’s no way you’ll ever find someone 100% perfect. Be willing to compromise on the little things but stay firm when it comes to big things. 

Go out with friends

Have you been isolating yourself from the world in the past few months? If yes, then going out for dates to gay clubs and having fancy dinners with strangers all of a sudden can be very scary. To get over the shock, try going out with friends and practicing dating with people you love. Go to a party with your girls or organize a dinner date with a friend at home (purely platonic, of course). This will get you back into the social scene and make you feel reborn. 

Try dating apps

The LGBTQ+ community loves dating apps, but you might feel absolutely sick when thinking about making another profile. However, this type of dating has its perks, especially if you’re a bit rusty with dating. Firstly, you can do everything from the comfort of your bed and don’t even have to meet anyone IRL until you’re ready. Plus, dating sites come in all shapes, so keep your mind open. If all you want to do is enjoy yourself without too much commitment, check out the sugar daddy app that connects attractive women and wealthy men. These are great for casual fun and benefits for both parties, and you don’t have to be super emotionally invested. However, even with sugar dating, keep an open mind for a genuine connection and never judge a book by its cover. 

Keep things simple

Your first date doesn’t have to include a fancy dinner, movies and a long walk afterward (looking at you, lesbians). It can be a simple coffee date before work or a brief lunch during your break. Use this date to check the chemistry and still have a clear way you when things get too much for you. If the first date goes well, you can plan something more elaborate for your second meeting. 

Show your vulnerability

You might have been hurt in the past. You might have just realized your sexuality or your past traumas. However, this doesn’t mean you have to build a wall around your heart and act like you’re made of stone. If you’re serious about dating, be free to express your emotions as they happen. If the other person is genuine, they will be happy to see your vulnerable side. 

Take your time

Love has no expiration date, so you can take your time to find an ideal partner. Connecting with someone after you’ve been alone for a long time or with someone else can be hard, but there’s no reason to rush. Take as long or little time to move on and get back into dating—your time will come one way or another.

Of course, dating can be scary for all genders and sexualities, but it’s more than worth the effort you make. Use these tips to ease yourself into the dating pool and go with the flow—you’ll definitely enjoy the smooth sailing!