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5 Luxury Items Every Stylish Person Should Own

5 Luxury Items Every Stylish Person Should Own

Of course that style isn’t about luxury and spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars in order to remain stylish, but still, sometimes a person needs a bit of luxury in their life. And if you think of yourself as a stylish individual, you know that these 5 things listed below are something you would never skimp on. Those items are what distances you from the crowd and displays your sophistication. So take notes and make sure you get these as soon as possible.

1. Fragrance

A good fragrance is a very quiet, mysterious but also a quite powerful tool. A good fragrance can make heads turn without a single word or an eye-catching outfit. It makes others remember you and shows off your great taste. Find a fragrance that suits your skin best and that you like best. Or, you can have one made just for you. Sure, it is going to be pricey, but sometimes style can cost, and this, along with other four items, is something you should definitely splurge on.

2. A piece of art

Just like books, art shows that you have opinions, taste and passion enough that you can and want to see that same thing every single day. And depending on your budget, it is not the art that really counts – it is your justification for having it. You could display a pencil sketch you liked and bought from an aspiring artist on the street of your city, or a multi-million-dollar masterpiece – as long as you find it important or meaningful in some way and the reason for hanging it on your wall is not something more or less superficial.

3. A luxury watch

Wearing and enjoying fine timepieces is more or less a passion that has to be justified. And why do we want those high-end watches? There is firstly the culture of luxury – which is something you either live or simply don’t understand, and it represents a collective appreciation as well as desire for finely made items from commonly recognizable brands that represent things like good taste, success, high-society etc. And cultures that value luxury also value these descriptors in the most quality way possible. A high-quality watch, especially when it is from popular luxury watch brands, helps you be taken seriously and be unique. It is also quite an eye candy and overall something for people to remember or notice you by. However, don’t just stop at the watch. Make sure you also have a watch box that will protect your watches when you are not using them in the most stylish way possible.

4. A cocktail set

A cocktail set is the centerpiece of any person’s entertaining arsenal – so make sure you invest well when getting your own and be sure that returns will both taste great and be the biggest joy to prepare. Make sure it contains a staple shaker, jigger, Boston glass, muddler and strainers, as well as pourers and stirring spoons. And it doesn’t matter if you are not using it more than 2-3 times a year, just having this comprehensive kit within your reach will let everyone in the room know how fun, but at the same time smart and practical, you are, which are the ultimate stylish traits.

5. A cashmere sweater

Nothing, and I really mean nothing, speaks more of class and luxury than a beautiful cashmere sweater does. You can wear it during winter as well as during summer, they feel so amazing on our bodies and they look classy and expensive, no matter whether you are wearing them normally or as an accessory, thrown over your shoulders.

Having these items will definitely distinguish you from the rest of the crowd. The devil (read: style) is in the details, and these details just cannot be unnoticed.

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