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5 Funny Clothing Items Every Woman Should Own

5 Funny Clothing Items Every Woman Should Own

If you’re one of those girls who always loves to be original and stand out from the crowd – welcome to the club! We believe that you’ve always had some groundbreaking fashion choices that helped you accomplish that mission. However, if you still don’t really know which pieces to choose, don’t worry at all, because we’re here to help you out. Here’s a list of five funny clothing items every woman should own, so check it out and enjoy!

A pair of quirky toe socks

Yes, we agree that toe socks usually seem quite silly and ridiculous, but also very cute at the same time, which is exactly why every lady has to have them in her sock drawer. Basically, these are regular socks but with a little twist – they are knitted so that each toe is individually encased in the same way fingers are encased within a glove. These often come in all sock lengths, from anklets to knee-high and over-the-knee socks, so make sure to pick a pair according to your own preferences. As for the patterns, stripes are never a bad idea, as well as polka dots and floral prints. So, if you’ve always wanted to wear quirky toe socks, now is the time to get them!

The inevitable ugly Christmas sweater

Everyone knows that the ugly Christmas sweater has become an omnipresent feature typical of the holiday season, as a lot of families from all over the world love to throw a traditional ugly sweater Christmas party. Even though the sweater as a clothing item has existed in the US since the late 19th century, the fact is that its hideous versions have started to be widely accepted in the last few decades. So, if you want to get an iconic ugly sweater, you should definitely look for one that features colors like red and green in the first place, as these are often identified with the holiday season. As for the motifs, you can always choose Christmas trees, reindeer and snowmen, as well as any kind of felt and pom-pom applique.

The unusual period underwear

If you’re a girl who loves to be authentic even during That Time of the Month, you’ll be thrilled to hear about the latest hit already adored by thousands of women from all over the globe. We’re talking about funny period underwear, with panties that feature the craziest prints and slogans you can possibly imagine. Some of these say ‘It’s Flow Time’, whereas others claim that they’re a ‘Nightmare on Bed Sheets’. On the other hand, there’s also something for all those girls who love to put their comfort first – there are fabulous ‘Granny Panties’, with four adorable grannies waiting for you on the back of your brand new panties. Does it get better than that? We don’t think so!

A pair of cute furry shoes

When Rihanna first came up with her furry slides as a part of her Fenty by Puma collection, the majority of people didn’t really seem to understand their main purpose. Are they meant to be worn outside, for a casual downtown stroll, or maybe for the beach or the pool? Or are these appropriate just for the indoors? Well, no matter what people think, furry shoes have become one of the most groundbreaking trends in the last couple of seasons, which just confirms their dominance in the fashion industry. No matter if you love or hate them, you should definitely have a pair in your wardrobe, as these are the ultimate stylish pieces that every fashion-forward lady simply needs to rock!

A hoodie with a huge front pocket

We believe that you already have at least one hoodie in your wardrobe, and that it’s one of your favorite garments when you want to feel as cozy and comfortable as possible. But does any of your hoodies have a huge front pocket? If it doesn’t, it’s about time you got one with such a feature! Yes, we know that it probably sounds a bit loony, but the fact is that this pocket can be extremely practical and useful – especially when you’re on the go. Of course, we don’t say that you should stuff everything you own into it, from a smartphone and your wallet to a pack of paper tissues – you should definitely skip that and use this pocket for something far more convenient. For example, you can always keep a few dollars and your car keys when heading to the store, which is really practical when you don’t want to carry a handbag. Think about it!

As you can see, each of these five funny clothing items is truly unique, so be sure to get at least one of them if you want to stand out from the crowd. Just stick to our list and you’ll make that happen!

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