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Break Ideas For When You Work From Home

Break Ideas For When You Work From Home

Set an alarm on your phone

Often, when it comes to taking breaks from work, one of the hardest things is actually remembering to stop. So bearing that in mind, you may find it useful to set an alarm on your phone for certain times of the day, to remind you to stop working and take a break. Aim to stop at least three times a day; once in the morning for 15 minutes, at lunchtime for 45 minutes, and in the afternoon for 15 minutes. Don’t think of breaks as a waste of time because they are not, breaks are actually proven to help boost focus and productivity, so it’s time out that is worth taking.

Find ways to relax

Breaks are all about relaxing, which is why when it comes to taking breaks, it is important that you find different ways to relax and unwind. Whether that means making yourself a cup of your favourite tea in a stainless steel tea kettle, or it means spending 15 minutes practising yoga, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you find a way to help yourself relax and unwind and turn off from work. It doesn’t matter what works for you; it is vital that you use your break time to relax your mind and reduce any stress that you are feeling – believe it or not, you will function better afterwards for it.


When you work from home, it can be a lonely life, which is why socializing is incredibly important. Why not use some of your breaks each week to socialize with your friends or meet with other local people who work from home? Getting out the house and chatting with others can do wonders for your morale, and can mean that you return to your desk refreshed and revived, and ready to work as hard as possible. Wondering how to meet people? One of the best ways to meet other homeworkers is via networking events in your local area.

There you have it, all of the best tips and ideas for taking breaks from work when you work from home. Make an effort to take regular breaks and you will, no doubt, feel much better for it.

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