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Top Tips for Inspiring Brand Loyalty In 2021

Top Tips for Inspiring Brand Loyalty In 2021

We have all witnessed the changes in the ways companies are operating over the past year and a half due to the current pandemic, but much less is spoken about how consumer behaviour has changed in the same period. After all, it was those changes, among other factors, that made companies from Canada to Australia world adapt to the new circumstances. They had to find new strategies for boosting brand loyalty among existing customers to retain their share of the market and here is how some of the most successful businesses have done it.

Conversational marketing

Although this trend had been present even before the pandemic, it was in 2020 that it really took off. Namely, customers want to connect with brands instantly and in a personalized and accessible way on many channels. Brands use conversational marketing channels, such as SMS texts, WhatsApp or Viber to encourage personalized dialogues between them and their customers. Also, chatbots and APIs have greatly contributed to maximizing the potential of conversational marketing, especially since such investments are relatively small, yet they can boost CX and brand loyalty.

Focus on customers

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Another way to boost brand loyalty is to focus on your existing customers in a way that they feel you see them as human beings. This can be achieved in many ways, such as providing content that is both educational and focused on your customers. For example, many Australian and international companies have recognized the value of hiring a thriving automotive CX agency, which offers an action-based program, which lets you get to know your customers and make them feel valued, thus creating great business karma.

Brand ambassador program

More and more people are relying on testimonials and reviews when choosing products and services. Those comments are typically left by regular customers, but companies have recognized that introducing a brand ambassador program kicks that up a notch. Having customer- and user-generated content endorsing your offer and spreading goodwill for your brand solidifies brand loyalty, but it is also a marvellous tool for attracting new customers.

Creating emotional connection

Brand loyalty is also increased when companies manage to establish an emotional connection with their customers. This is typically achieved by associating a brand with influential people, finding ways to show commonly shared values and building loyalty programs. Such programs can be extremely productive if companies manage to implement them with tailored messaging and unique offers for returning customers.

Giving a social purpose to a brand

Apart from evaluating the quality and price of services and products, customers now also look for companies that are committed to creating a better world. They like to see that their favorite company is not concerned only with making profit, but also wants to improve our society. Such efforts are rewarded with greater loyalty and advocacy of the brand.

Using video to establish connection

People prefer seeing and hearing things, rather than reading about them, which is why companies are becoming increasingly reliant on videos as a way of communicating their messages to customers. Videos are fantastic when it comes to filling the void created by the pandemic, which prevented us from interacting with people in person. People are simply craving for a human connection, and video is the best solution to this problem at the moment.

Rewarding clients for sharing content

Each time a customer shares your content, their initiative should be rewarded or at least recognized. This shows them that your company is grateful for their action, which boosts brand loyalty, as well as conversion rates. Naturally, if you want to give them a gift, it doesn’t have to be much, but it should be unique.

These are just some of the tips for boosting customer loyalty, which is now more important than ever. Needless to say, the list doesn’t include all the proven tips and tricks, but is should be comprehensive enough to help you start thinking in the right direction. By implementing these tips, you’ll surely help your company retain the position on the market and, hopefully, improve its starting position for the post-pandemic period.