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5 Most Lucrative Beauty Business Opportunities on the Market Right Now

5 Most Lucrative Beauty Business Opportunities on the Market Right Now

For anyone considering a career change, the beauty industry is a great opportunity. It is currently one of the most profitable business branches. The reason for this is probably the fact that it covers numerous niches.

This is a versatile field and there is a job for each beauty enthusiast. If you’re thinking of starting your own business, here are 5 lucrative opportunities in the beauty sector.


Microblading is the most sought-after permanent makeup treatment. This eyebrow styling method has become extremely popular and the demand for it has been huge this year. Apart from it being very profitable, the list of benefits of becoming a microblading artist is long.

Microblading is a flexible profession, as you can choose whether you want to work at a salon, or start your own business. You can start small and work your way up, so the only investment you need to make is the training course (which is about $3000). The earnings far exceed this sum, as a microblading session costs from $350 to up to $800.

You don’t need any prior experience or formal training in order to enrol a PhiBrows USA training. The course covers all aspects of microblading (theory + practice) and it will provide you with all the knowledge and the basic technique. You can further refine your skill form there and raise your prices.

hair extension

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are very popular at the moment. Millions of women are getting them for various reasons. Although many hair salons have been offering this service for years, clients aren’t settling for average results anymore, so a specialization in hair extensions is something that can be very profitable.

There are courses out there open to qualified hair stylists that combine theory behind the products with detailed instructions on installation and removal. It is important to get proper training, as this process can be very damageing to natural hair.

Natural look, safety and quality products are the reason clients pay from $1300 to $1600 for extensions, where the technician earns between $300 and $600 (the rest is the cost of the hair).

Hair Spa

Traditional salons don’t meet all demands anymore. Hair spas are emergning as an innovative concept. Basically, these parlours offer all hair treatments except for cutting and dyeing: dandruff treatment, scalp massages, nourishing packs, keratin treatments, Brazilian hair straightening… The more services you offer, the more clients you attract.

Each spa offers different services, which cost from $30 for a hair mask to up to 300$ or $400 for complex treatments.

Anti-Ageing Centre

The battle against ageing has never been this intense. More and more clients are seeking special treatments in centres that specialize in anti-ageing. The treatments are numerous: traditional facelifts, thread lifting, cosmetic fillers, microdermabrasion, mesotherapy…

Obviously, you need formal training to perform these treatments (which cost hundreds of dollars), but this is certainly the most profitable specialization.

Anti-Cellulite Clinic

This is another lucrative specializiation that is worth the training.

Anti-cellulite massages are nothing new. What is new are anti-cellulite clinics that specialize in this issue that affects 90% of women. Obviously, the clientele is very diverse. Not every treatment works for everyone, which is why these clinics that offer consultation and a customized approach are bound to be profitable.

There are so many treatments out there that women are willing to pay extra for guidance and to have them under one roof: laser treatments, futuristic devices,  LPG Endermologie, sculpting massages, VelaShape… Mind you, none of these come cheap.

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