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Chores that You Can Do on a Yearly Basis

Chores that You Can Do on a Yearly Basis

Running a household is practically a full-time job. From making sure that fresh food is on the table every day to maintaining hygiene, sometimes it may seem like all you do is run around the house sorting everything out. To make the entire process less busy, we’re gonna introduce several chores that don’t need to be done more than once a year. Make a more flexible and less busy schedule for yourself by learning what chores need to be done on a yearly basis and not more frequently.

Deep clean carpets

Vacuuming the carpets once a week if you live in a house without pets is perfectly acceptable. Unless you walk around the house in the same shoes that you’ve worn outside in the dirt, you won’t need to vacuum more than that. However, simple vacuuming cannot extract the tiniest grime and dirt that fluffy carpets tend to accumulate. That’s why you should deep clean your carpets every year instead of doing it too often. Not only will you get rid of dirt and grime, but you’ll also expel all the potential allergens from the carpet fabrics. Dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander, and dust mites can wreak havoc on your respiratory health. So be sure you’re free from all those nasties by deep cleaning the carpets. Brisbane has an array of carpet cleaning services that will clean your carpets thoroughly at a very affordable price.

Clean the gutters

Clogged gutters can cause moisture damage to eaves, roofs, and even result in interior leaks. To avoid the inconveniences, climb up those ladders and pick up all the leaves that clog your gutters in the fall. Don’t do it on your own, but instead, have someone nearby to help you out and look after you, in case the ladder becomes unsteady. Alternatively, you can always call professional services to clean out your gutters.

Have an inventory of unnecessary items

Many of us love to mix it up and change pieces of furniture here and there. Aside from that, you’ll probably have a variety of old newspapers, towels, blankets, and all those stuff that served for gardening or mechanical works in the garage and are now simply laying around your storage, collecting dust. Find a day during the weekend or on vacation to organize everything you need and throw away the items that don’t serve their purpose anymore. If you have damaged furniture that you haven’t fixed in months and probably won’t within the next few months, throw it away. Hire the best rubbish removal services Brisbane wide, and have professionals take out everything that you cannot throw out yourself and dispose of as well as they can.

Behind-the-kitchen-appliances cleaning

Moving the stove, refrigerator and washing machine isn’t easy, but it must be done yearly. The amount of dirt, crumbs and other nasties that accumulate behind the appliances require thorough cleaning once a year. Make sure you have a helping hand when you decide to move all of those appliances, so you don’t hurt yourself in the process. Vacuum, sweep and wipe everything dirty with special attention to all the wires and cords. The last thing you need is a gas leak caused by your clumsiness.

Make the outdoor furniture sparkle

Patio furniture is affected by rain, wind and an array of elements. That’s why you must clean it once a year too. Bring back its old sheen by wiping it with a damp cloth and using an appropriate polisher or whichever type of product your patio furniture requires. Clean the cushions, and check if your wood furniture maybe needs repainting.

No matter how big of a neat freak you might be, some chores don’t require more than annual work. So, deep clean carpets, clean out the gutters, remove the large rubbish,  tidy up behind the kitchen appliances and make your patio furniture squeaky clean again with annual cleaning and maintenance.