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The Best Ways to Improve Your Physical Condition

The Best Ways to Improve Your Physical Condition

Physical activity daily can be very helpful in obtaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing different diseases. A sedentary lifestyle is very common nowadays, but it can lead to heart issues, varicosis, diabetes, obesity, etc. You don’t have to be muscular and spend hours in the gym like some celebrities you see in the media. Moderate physical activity is enough to improve your health and physical condition. 

Types of physical activity 

Physical activity can be divided into two main types, cardio (aerobic) or muscle straightening. Cardio makes every minute important since the exercises can be very vigorous. Of course, beginners can practice some moderate cardio activities like walking, jogging, biking, dancing, having Zumba classes, etc. It depends on your rhythm whether the activity you perform will be vigorous or moderate. Don’t exaggerate if you’re a beginner because there is no need to get hurt or exhausted. Your fitness level will increase over time if you practice enough. Powerful cardio training includes fast running, boxing, jumping rope, or any of the aforementioned exercises performed on the high-intensity level. 

Muscle straightening is slower and focuses more on the number of repetitions of an exercise than on the time. There are major groups of muscles of the human body like legs, back, chest, gluteus, arms, abs, etc. Using tools like weights or elastic bands you can exercise your arms, shoulders, or thighs for example, or you can use the weight of your body and do some squats to exercise your legs, glutes, or thighs. Combine your cardio training with some strength exercises to obtain the best results. This is an excellent way to get fit and be toned as well. 

Best places to exercise 

There is no excuse to not include sports in your daily routine. If you don’t want to spend money on a gym membership you can always invest in sports equipment and have some home workout sessions. However, many people drop out soon since those training sessions are not guided and in the end, you lose interest or patience. Every town has a gym and many companies include discounts in the gyms as corporal benefits. The world’s biggest cities like New York, Sidney, or LA, for example, offer a wide range of different places where you can choose between individual or group training and fitness levels.  See if you have that benefit or just look on the Internet for the best gyms in Sidney or any other city you currently live in. The reviews and experiences of the clients can tell you which one to choose for yourself. 


Once you have your workout plan you should stick to it and avoid skipping the training. That way you can form a habit to work out and your body will get used to it and ask for it after a while. Your workout plan doesn’t have to be strict, just think about how much time you could use daily for your training and when.  Invest in some sports clothing since it will give you comfort and high impact. Choose the type of exercise you would like to perform and make sure your plan is not too ambitious, two or three months ahead is enough. Slowly build up the intensity of your training.  Later on, when you pass to another fitness level you can make another plan. In case you work with a personal trainer this would even be much easier. 

Fitness and a healthy diet

If you want your healthy lifestyle to be complete, a healthy diet is a must. Get rid of coca-cola, snacks, and sweets because they provide sugar but they lack the nutrients that your body needs, and eventually you end up hungry again very soon. Some advice on how to feed while maintaining your workout routine include the following: 

  • Include healthy carbs like barley, quinoa, mango, eggplant, salmon, avocado, etc. It would be ideal if you ate carbs 1h before your workout. Oatmeal is an excellent choice for breakfast, just like yogurt. Broccoli and spinach can accompany lunch and dark chocolate is the best dessert. 
  • Lean protein, which is crucial for building or repairing your muscle tissue. Tuna, chicken, turkey, smoothie with Greek yogurt are some of the options. Just like healthy carbs are good before the exercise, the mix of carbs and proteins is excellent after the exercise. 
  • Stay hydrated and drink a lot of water or green tea. Avoid juices unless they are natural with no added sugar. 

To sum it all up, if you want to have a healthy lifestyle you can achieve it gradually by having healthy habits when it comes to workouts and diet. Choose the right equipment or a good gym, have a plan, and stick to it because perseverance is the key. Don’t forget to watch what you eat. The result will amaze you after only a couple of months.