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5 Tricks Every Apple Watch Owner Should Know

5 Tricks Every Apple Watch Owner Should Know

Knowing that our generation depends on gadgets and apps more than the generations before us, it’s no surprise that millions of individuals around the world are purchasing Apple Watches more than ever before. The combination of elegant design and powerful software makes these watches appealing to all sorts of people, regardless of their sex, age, level of education or social status. But, these watches are also full of tricks their owners need to discover in order to maximize their potential, so here are five of the most useful hacks you should know.

Be discreet about your time

Although it’s quite a powerful device, an Apple Watch is still a watch, and its main purpose is to tell you what time it is. That’s why lots of people use it as a bedside clock while charging it due to its amazing Nightstand mode, but there’s another hack some users might not be familiar with. When you’re trying to check the time and be discreet about it, you can do that by rotating up your Digital Crown. This will show you the time, and probably nobody else will notice it but you, so enable the Wake Screen on Crown Up feature in your settings, and enjoy this cool trick.

Check your heart rate

Although it’s great at telling time, an Apple Watch is amazing at other things as well. One of these is checking your heart rate, which may be quite useful when you’re working out, jogging, riding your bike or taking your power walks. Still, if you want to be absolutely sure your watch is measuring your heart rate precisely, you need to fine tune it a bit. All you have to do is open your Heart Rate app and place your finger on your Digital Crown, and you’re good to go. This will help the app measure your heart rate more accurately and with higher fidelity, so it’s really more than a useful option.

Find your phone

Working all day long and not having enough time to sleep can really take a toll on you, both mentally and physically, and that’s why more and more people keep losing or misplacing their phones on a daily basis. Luckily, when you have an Apple Watch and an iPhone, this doesn’t have to worry you. Just use the iPhone ping option on your watch and your phone will play a ping sound, so just keep tapping until you’ve located your phone. If you notice this feature isn’t working as well as it should, though, be sure to check your phone and your watch or get new ones. Of course, whatever you choose to do, be sure to check out AT&T locations and stick to authorized stores where you can get all the help you need and the best choice of products.

No loud noises

Receiving notifications on your Apple Watch and always knowing what’s going on is more than helpful, but what if these notifications keep coming when you’re in a business meeting or spending some quality time with your family? Well, Apple has an answer, and it’s called quiet delivery. This basically means your notifications will go right through to your Notification Center without appearing on your watch or making a sound. Simply manage your notifications in your specific apps, and this useful feature is going to change your life forever.

Say hello to Siri

We all know Apple’s virtual assistant and love her to death due to all the help she provides, but do you know that there are two ways you can activate Siri on your watch? Besides the most popular method people are generally using – holding in your Digital Crown for a few seconds – you can also approach her directly, by saying hi once your screen is lit up. This way is much easier and more direct, and it’s going to help you ask your questions and get your answers faster than before, so try this hack out as soon as you can.

Using your Apple Watch’s full potential is easy if you know what you’re doing, and the only way to explore all of these amazing options is to keep unlocking them until you’ve found everything you’ve ever wanted – and much more!

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