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5 Signs Your Husband Needs to Start Working Out

5 Signs Your Husband Needs to Start Working Out

Ladies, being a mother, a wife, and a woman is a 24-hour job – it’s not easy, it takes dedication and effort, and sometimes you do need help from your significant other to make it work. No matter how much you love your husband for his qualities as a husband and a man, physical appearance is not something to be overlooked easily.

Sure, it might not rank high, but being active on a regular basis and maintaining a toned physique is not only important for his physical health; it’s also important for his emotional and psychological wellbeing. The sexy body that will make you fall in love all over again is just the cherry on top. Here are the five signs your husband needs to start working out.

His clothes don’t fit

Spending enough of your monthly budget on household necessities, food, and kids’ clothes? Do you need the extra expense of buying your husband new jeans and shirts? You really don’t. Why spend money on bigger clothes when your darling husband can simply start working on slimming down his waistline?

Now, the first step towards a healthy, fitness lifestyle, requires him to change his diet. Men tend to be pretty set in their ways especially when it comes to their eating habits, so rather than pointing out his problems, you want to approach this topic carefully. Be sure to create the appropriate atmosphere, sit down, and lead with how much you love him; the rest will unfold on its own.

Don’t just yank the piece of cake out of his hands.

He’s being grumpy and restless

5 Signs Your Husband Needs to Start Working Out

It’s one thing to change a man’s diet plan, but to make him grab his old pair of shorts that have been sitting at the bottom his underwear drawer for the last twenty years is a completely different beast altogether. Slimming down and fitting into his clothes again is all fine and dandy, but you also want to put some functional muscle on that frame as well.

Not only does it look good, but it will also do wonders for his self-esteem, emotional wellbeing, and it will inspire new healthy habits in his life. Working out is particularly beneficial if he is becoming increasingly grumpy over the years. Don’t worry, it just means he needs to vent.

He is spending too much time sitting down

No matter if he is being grumpy, fidgety, or if he’s simply spending too much time during the day sitting down, whether at work or at home, getting him to gradually start exercising is the best thing you can do for his mental and physical health. And it’s not as difficult as you might think.

There’s nothing more a man hates than having to go socialize with people at the local gym when he could be watching the game with a cold one in his hand, so rather than making him go to the gym, you want to bring the gym to him. Luckily, the web is full of affordable exercise equipment you can get for your hubby, so that he can exercise in the safety and serenity of his own domain – it’s a win-win!

His health is deteriorating

5 Signs Your Husband Needs to Start Working Out

If you start to notice your husband experiencing health problems due to his sedentary lifestyle, there can be no compromises anymore. He needs to change his ways, so even more reason for you to implement the aforementioned countermeasures swiftly.

Remember, shortness of breath, palpitations and aches in his chest, these are all precursors of something far more sinister lurking in the near future, so rather than waiting for him to get a heart attack, you want to act fast and inspire him to change before it’s too late.

He goes out of breath quickly

Finally, no matter if you are a young woman, a mother of three, or a wife, you are still a woman. And, being quite selfish and honest now, a woman’s needs should never be neglected in a marriage, no matter how long you’ve been together or how busy your lives have become.

A woman has her needs, and if nothing else pushes you to make that final step to inspire your husband to start working out, let it be the fact that physical exercise will increase his cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, vigor, and confidence. All of this will translate directly to the bedroom because of the increased production of testosterone via exercise.

So, don’t postpone it anymore, but inspire him to turn his life around and lead a healthy lifestyle. For you, for himself, for his family.

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