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Best Bedroom Lighting Secrets for a Bright Space

Best Bedroom Lighting Secrets for a Bright Space

A naturally lit bedroom might just be one of the most valuable things in your home. But, not everyone can afford such a luxury. Apartments with back alley views and small windows are usually more affordable and easier to come by. So, how can you make your bedroom well lit and bright? Here are some of the best bedroom lighting secrets you can try in your home.

Best Bedroom Lighting Secrets for a Bright Space

Wall sconces

If your bedroom is super small and you feel like big nightstands take up too much of your precious space, you can ditch the lamps and opt for sconces. They will take very little space but provide you with ample reading light. They also come in all shapes, sizes and materials, so no matter the interior style of your bedroom, you’ll surely find sconces that fit in perfectly.

Best Bedroom Lighting Secrets for a Bright Space

Floor lamps

If you’re renting the space and can’t really drill holes and make too many changes to the space, you can still achieve that sleek look wall sconces offer by using floor lamps. You don’t have to waste your precious nightstand space on lamps, but use a skinny floor lamp and hide it behind your side table. The stand will be practically invisible and you’ll get enough light. Floor lamps also come in many shapes and design styles from classic to very contemporary, so pick one that best first your bedroom.

Best Bedroom Lighting Secrets for a Bright Space

Hanging pendant lights

Another great way to add some light to your bedroom is with pendant lights hanging from your ceiling. They provide practical general light and also serve as cool and sleek decoration pieces depending on the style you chose. For instance, modern geometric pendants make the minimalist bedroom more interesting, while a clean chrome pendant adds some simplicity to a classic and dressed space.

Best Bedroom Lighting Secrets for a Bright Space

Subtle fairy lights

If you want to fall asleep bathed in soft and subtle lights and dream of faraway lands and magical places, you should install some warm fairy lights in your bedroom. They are perfect for any bedroom, from your master bedroom to your kid’s rooms. They are also quite cheap and easy to install, plus you can get rid of them at any moment if they start boring you. And if your walls have a midnight sky hue, these fairy lights will twinkle like stars.

Best Bedroom Lighting Secrets for a Bright Space

Add some fun to the space

If you don’t take interior design too seriously and want your bedroom to be a fun and quirky space, you can invest in all sorts of neon signs in fun shapes and colors. You can also get them in form of your favorite inspirational quotes that will make sure you fall asleep and wake up motivated and in a great mood. Light-up signs of any sort are great decoration pieces if you have any bedroom theme going on. They also provide subtle light, perfect for late night pillow talks and midnight bathroom visits. Just make sure your neon signs are well attached to your walls, otherwise, you might risk an unpleasant way to wake up.

Don’t forget accent lighting

If you have any artwork you’re very proud of or any architectural details you want to focus attention on, you can install some accent lighting. They will emphasize these important details in your bedroom and offer great light layering. However, accent lights can be a bit tricky to install, so it’s best to leave that particular job to the professional electricians in Sydney.

Consider the wattage

Most lighting experts recommend installing several softer lighting sources instead of one strong source. Additionally, installing dimmers on your general lighting will add to the calm ambient of a perfect bedroom.

So, make your bedroom shine brightly with these lighting solutions. All you need is some careful planning and a few dollars and your place will look amazing.

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