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The Time is Now: How to Start Dealing with Procrastination

The Time is Now: How to Start Dealing with Procrastination

I’m sitting here half an hour trying to come up with the words to start this article. Not because I’m procrastinating (even though some would say I am), but because it’s very important to find the motivational sentences that will make you stop wasting your time and do more. We only have one life, and procrastinating on our dreams, thus failing (or being very late) to fulfil our goals is such a shame. Worrying about what tomorrow can bring us, whether we’ll have to deal with something larger, will the future endeavour backfire are all legit reasons for procrastinating, but quite unnecessary. Leading a productive life can improve both the business and the social aspect of it. So, how to stop procrastinating and take the wheel in your hands driving to a more productive future?

Knowing where to start

The first step towards achieving higher productivity and less procrastination is knowing where to start and, more importantly starting small. Take whatever is easy and manageable and doesn’t make you anxious. If you, for example, have a project to start – do so with the small things that come the easiest to you, as the harder ones will follow and it will be easier for you to get to them. Unfinished tasks get stuck in our minds and bother us for quite a long time, which is an effect known as the Zeigarnik effect. The tip for beating this is to start easily, and the harder bits will follow.

Getting rid of the excuses

The Time is Now: How to Start Dealing with Procrastination

Believing you are working under pressure, not being in the mood to work, thinking about you will finish everything in the deadline, worrying about whether you’ll have money from the thing you’re doing, blaming sickness or not feeling well – those are all the most common excuses for procrastination. However, one is the most common one – waiting for the right moment. The right moment is right now, not a second later. The moment you catch yourself thinking about a certain project or a chore that you have to be doing is actually your brain telling you that you need to start doing so, and the best moment for succeeding in actually starting the process is that very moment. So take all the excuses, put them in an imaginary box, and throw them out of the window.

Stop overthinking

Even the most confident people have doubts, and, logically, they cause procrastination. One of the things you could try to do is having doubts about those doubts you’re having. Does this make sense? Telling yourself that those doubts are not actually real or that they are solvable might do the trick. Moreover, shaking your head once negative thoughts find their way to our brain is also a good trick. Other dangerous examples of overthinking are the questions whether the thing we’re doing is worth doing, or setting ourselves impossibly high standards. We spend a lot of mental energy on this while we should be spending it on getting our job done.

Tracking your time

The Time is Now: How to Start Dealing with Procrastination

Making a detailed schedule might help you a great deal in dealing with this problem. Currently, there are plenty of apps that can help you organize your time and find the best way to increase productivity. Download them and try to use them for at least a week. Give yourself deadlines for everything that you have to do. Also, if you reward yourself with something every time you do something according to your schedule, you will be motivating yourself and meeting the deadline you set for yourself. However, the people who have so many things on their hands that it sometimes feels they are procrastinating (even if they’re not), are the bosses. If you’re a boss and can’t seem to meet the deadline for a certain task, you could find an excellent business coach in Australia who will help you in case you need extra help and even track your time for you. These services are not rare in Australia which makes Australian companies and bosses quite satisfied.

Think of the result

Many make motivational dream boards on which they pin all the things they want to achieve, and sometimes this can lead to fulfilling your goals. However, the most important thing is visualizing the result in the best way possible, and trying to get there with the biggest desire you can. If you don’t visualize the outcome of a project for example, it will be difficult for you to motivate yourself and do the things you should be doing. If you have a hard time doing this, try to visualize something you will buy for yourself once you finish everything that you have to. It is motivating, and it is a visualization of a certain thing, so why not?

You are the change you have been waiting for. Stop being mean and disrespectful to yourself, and do something that will help your future self. You can do it, just find the motivation deep down inside.

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