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How to decorate your office

How to decorate your office

Home decoration offers many different choices, but office decoration can make you choose between the nice and the practical. Let’s see how you can decorate your office in the best way to make it professional and good-looking at the same time.

Make it functional

Your office is not a place where you’re supposed to rest. It should be a place where your efficiency is enhanced and a place that provides you with all of the necessary stuff to help you organize your work in the best way possible. This doesn’t imply that the aesthetics don’t matter, but it does mean that tidiness and good equipment prevail over the looks. First of all, always declutter right away and don’t leave a mess. Second of all, make sure everything is in its place and that you have a good chair, big enough desk, computer, printer and anything else that your job might require.

Have a handy storage

Talking about decluttering, it would be handy if you had storage for some of the stuff you won’t need all the time. Printers, copiers, a bunch of pens and other stuff aren’t exactly there for decorative purposes, so moving them into some nice box and only using them when you need them is the best option. This way you get a useful item that can store all of that thing you don’t need at that moment and at the same time you get a decorative item. If you don’t want a decorative storage box, there are other options like a nice cabinet or a modern shelf.

Make it quiet and secluded

Maybe your office is in your home, which makes it more complicated when it comes to separating your work from your private life. It is difficult to find a space where you can have a secluded office and a quiet one, especially if you live in a small apartment. There is room for creativity though, there must be a corner in your home where you can set a desk, a chair, and a couple of more things like a small cabinet or a shelf. See if you have any reusable old furniture and use it for your office. It won’t cost much to refurbish it and you will get a corner where you can work quietly. Still, don’t forget rule number one, your office should be functional after all.

Have comfortable and smart furniture

A piece of furniture that can make a difference when it comes to office decoration is a good chair. A quality chair can look more professional, expensive and it can be more comfortable, which provides you with good support for your back. For those of you who spend a lot of time sitting in front of your computer, this is very important. A good, ergonomic chair is high enough so that your back doesn’t suffer from straining or bad posture. Have a desk of matching height, elegant design, and large enough to make you work comfortably. This means that there should be enough space for you to move your hands and reach everything you need.

Bring some nature into your office

There should be a little space in your office for some decorative vases, making your office look a little bit approachable, friendly and natural. Although the focus is on efficiency and professionality, a little hint of nature can’t do any harm. Greenery in your office can make the air fresher and make you more comfortable. The color green is so easy on the eye, but still cold enough to make the place look professional. If there is no room for vases or big plants, find an alternative like a dried flower bouquet that will need little maintenance and it will look very nice as well.

Paint the walls

Every room looks better freshly painted and your office should be no exception. If possible, paint the walls in some color that will be neutral, go well with other items of your office and look professional. This can be blue, grey, or green. If you want something bold, dark blue-grey shades are an excellent choice and if you want something more subtle, lighter tones are good. Dark navy paint will transport you visually to that professional office mood and it gives that powerful look to your office.

Make it light

The color of the walls should be left to your preferences, but the lighting is another important aspect of the office decoration. Make sure your desk is on the sunny side and that you can enjoy the natural light to the maximum. On the other hand, when you need artificial lighting some subtle LED bulbs are an excellent choice over regular iridescent bulbs. This will give a coldish tone to the whole place and make it look like a true professional workplace. Don’t forget the curtains to match the walls and give you an option to adjust the amount of natural light that enters through the windows.

Make a statement office wall

For those of you who have a small office, there is an option to avoid installing shelves and cabinets. A wall in front of your desk can make enough room for mini wall shelves of different shapes and sizes where you can store some documents or have some decorative items as well. This saves a lot of space and looks nice. Practical and good-looking are the two most important aspects of any office decoration option.

Office decoration implies sticking to the practical and functional side but doesn’t forget to add some liveliness to your office as well. Bring a little bit of nature, light and make smart arrangements when it comes to furniture and equipment.