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5 Extraordinary Tips To Help Your Cat and Dog Get Along

5 Extraordinary Tips To Help Your Cat and Dog Get Along

Dogs and Cats are lovely pets to have around the home. But often, there are conflicts of interest on which of the animals you can get around the house. We have experienced instances where the parents are cat lovers, while the kids are a Dog lover. Why not have both?

There is also this myth that the two animals cannot co-exist because they are mortal foes. This article aims to burst this myth and share some tricks with your on how your Cat and Dog can get along in your home. Although two animals with different attributes, with your help they can still share the same space.

Consider personality, not breed

When choosing the Cat or Dog to get, it is essential to know about their character. There is also a popular belief that some breeds of Dogs and Cats cannot co-exist. This is not true! Observe the personality of the Cat or Dog you already have, then try and get another Cat or Dog with a matching personality.

For instance, it will be challenging for an aging Dog to live in the same house with a Cat that is young, noisy and energetic. If you are adopting any of the two animals, ask if they have lived with other animals around them before bringing them into your home.

Separate their foods and toys

It is crucial to keep your Cats and Dogs food separate and far from each other. The inability of doing this can result in the Cat going over to the Dog food. This can lead to the Dog unleashing itself and attacking the Cat.

Food protection is a basic animal instinct, and you must take note of this. Have their foods at a separate corner of the home or place the Cat food on a high table. Like food, ensure their toys are separate too, to avoid any conflict between the two.

Train your Dog

Dogs are impulse animals. To have success with your Cat and Dog, you must train your Dog to control its impulse. Keep it on a leash anytime it sees food or toys. By performing this simple task, it will not attack a Kitten when it sets its sight on it for the first time. This is the first step in ensuring that the two animals live together. The next meeting between the two, ensure you have a leash in case there is a face-off between the two. You do not want the Dog injuring the Cat.

Give your Cat a protective space

Cats need their space too. Consider this when having the two animals together. Train your Dog not to go near the Cat territory. As climbers, buy Cat trees and create some safe space on bookshelves for them. This will prevent any confrontation between the two, as the Cat can just watch from a distance. Also, ensure that your Dog never gets near Cats litter as it is dangerous to their health.

Introduce them to each other

The first encounter between the two is everything. So plan the meeting very well. One trick worth trying is to get them food on that first meeting, they both like their meals. How they react to each other after will be a great impression worth noting.

For any first meeting, ensure your Dog is on a leash to avoid any casualty. You can start their introduction around meal times while keeping them away from each other; till they begin to warm to each other. This might take a while, and you need all the patience. From there, they can start staying side by side and so on.

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