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Re-planning events during the pandemic

Re-planning events during the pandemic

We all know that the pandemic changed a lot of our plans and even our lives. Many events in Australia and around the world were unfortunately cancelled. But, there is no need to panic and be desperate. If you’re already thinking about giving up on your special event, don’t rush. Here are some tips on how you can re-plan it.

1. Don’t panic

Our first and main advice is, as we already mentioned, don’t panic. Stay calm and save clear mind. You won’t be able to do anything if you are under stress. Rethink all the possibilities and solutions. Think about all your wishes and desires about the celebration. Make a clear plan and follow it.

2. Don’t forget to follow all the safety recommendations

Entrance area.

The guest contact person should wear a mask and gloves. To reduce stress from quarantine measures, protective equipment must be provided for all guests. The hostess at the entrance measures the temperature and explains further actions.

Who said that everything should be boring and serious? Customise your hostess mask and play with the concept! Make special masks for every guest. Use your imagination!


Give your guests as a souvenir – individual antibacterial gel.

Make everything special! And also, play in the concept. What if the disinfectant corridor is a portal and the gel is a souvenir? Public areas can be specially decorated.

Special invitations

Ask participants to avoid shaking hands, kissing on the cheek, hugging, or another contact as forms of greeting. Explain that this will not be impolite, but rather caring for others. You can prepare an explanatory post or infographic on this topic in advance and put it on the invitations.

Foyer and restrooms.

For safety reasons, refrain from a large number of seats. Furniture should have surfaces that can be easily disinfected. In the foyer and toilet rooms, there is a mandatory sanitization of surfaces every 15-30 minutes. It is possible to use air purifiers, as well as UV lamps during the absence of guests. Sanitisers are readily available.

Turn on your fantasy! Long breaks can be used for informal communication between guests or for partners to speak in the lobby. And you can also creatively present disinfection specialists.

Special instruction brochure.

Remind participants how to properly wash their hands. For detailed instructions, make hand hygiene brochure. General recommendations: Wash the entire surface of the hands, including nails and the space between the fingers, for at least 20-30 seconds, then use disposable towels or a hand dryer.

Food zone.

The catering area has more lines of delivery than before. This will help to avoid queues and will maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between guests. You can make marks on the floor too.

  • Each line has a stand with a sanitiser.
  • Gloves are changed every 5-10 minutes.
  • We recommend eating in closed lunch boxes.
  • Waiters work in masks, gloves and screens.
  • Placement of protective screens is possible on tabletops.
  • For standard dispensing, cooks impose food on their own.

And play around? The food serving format is also easy to beat conceptually. You can also invite a company that makes non-standard packaging as a partner. Voila!

3. Punctuality and time

Time is the most important resource in the event. Especially on this occasion. Make sure that you are in time on every appointment that is connected with the event itself.

The time before the event flies by like one second, so it is simply necessary that the venue, guest stars and presenters are fully prepared and instructed on the day of the event, and all the details of the project have already been settled and agreed upon. In order to be calm at least for the technical side of the event, it is worth conducting a general check at least two hours before its start. It is good to hire a manager. An event manager must be sociable, active, constantly monitor the situation, instantly solve emerging issues and quickly respond to unforeseen difficulties.

4. Professional help

Planning an event is a challenging task and re planning, it may be even more difficult. It’s not a job for one person. We are sure that you will need help. And If you feel that you can’t do everything by yourself, make sure that you contact the professionals. Proficient Event planners in Sydney will help you in no time. All you‘ll have to do is to show up at the event and enjoy. What can be better than that?

5. Don’t forget about anyone

Do not forget about those guests who are still afraid of going to public events or the ones who simply can’t make it. Be sure to broadcast your celebration online!

Make sure that everyone you care for is a part of your special event.

You can use different tools for this. For example, Google and Microsoft have temporarily provided free plans for collaboration services G Suite and Microsoft Teams due to the spread of the coronavirus.


Don’t give up and be optimistic. Pandemia is here and unfortunately, there is nothing we can do right now to change it. All we can do is to make sure that we follow all the healthy instructions and adjust our events, so they are as funny and enjoyable as they would be before the pandemic. Good luck and take care!

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