How to Measure your Dog for Clothes?

Lovely Yorkie in Pink Blouse

Before you buy any apparel for your fur baby pooches online, it is important to make sure you’re all prepared to give your pooches a complete body size measurement, in order to make sure it will fit when your order arrives. All you need is to take a measuring tape and a pen and paper,  then record a few necessary details. This is also useful when you’re sewing your own fur babies clothing.

Follow the steps below to determine the proper size for your dog’s neck, girth, chest and the length for their back.

  1. Neck –measure how many inches around your dog’s neck (circumference) loosely as you feel is necessary.
  2. Girth – measure the inches around your dog’s girth loosely.
  3. Chest – measure the inches distance from the center of the chest around to back of line for girth loosely, generally important as the dog may not walk comfortably if it is too tight.
  4. Back – measure the inches from the top back approximately where the collar would fit. Then pull the tape measure to the base of the tail loosely.

                                            (below is a quick cheat sheet )

measuring steps

You may also use the size chart below as a general guideline, if you don’t have any available measuring tape to use.

In any case you don’t have a measuring tape available with you, try to use any thread, ribbon or yarn and use any regular ruler to count the measurement by inches.

Cute Pug Red Blouse

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  1. This is super helpful. I have made clothes for dogs before for friends. I’m not going to drive all the way to their houses to measure and they get so confused when I try to explain where to measure. I used to have a YouTube video that I would send but this is so much more simple! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the tips! last time i tried to order my dog something it was WAYYYY too big. They often go by weight.

  3. Wish I had this when I bought my parents dog a backpack would have helped a lot. I am glad to see some people put more thought into what they put on their dogs at least that the clothes fit rather then shoving them into something that doesn’t fit and could hurt them. I just can’t with how adorable the main dog in the photo is.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. This is awesome information for any dog lover. I know I love dressing my dog up sometimes. He usually just gives my sad eyes sometimes. The photo of the pretty girl above is adorable. Thanks for sharing the information.

  5. It’s been a long time since we had a dog and we don’t really buy him clothes unless it’s the winter. I think these are really good tips for dog parents!

  6. This is true that all dogs have sizes too, but I always didn’t really think of that. The maltese I used to have was tiny so xs or s would fit on her. But I feel like a size chart is smart way to get the write clothes!

  7. My mother would take measurements of our family dog and create clothing items for her. It was sweet. Thanks for the tips, I’ll be sure to share it with sister-in-law. She’s always looking to dress her pup.

  8. I don’t have a pet and I only had a dog for few days, so I never thought that they may need clothes too, much less to make them myself. But if I had to do clothes for a dog, I think I’ll need a videoclip to learn how to measure.

  9. 1. Your dog is absolutely cute. 2. I have always struggled with clothes for my pup because he’s not too small but he’s not too big yet he doesn’t fit a Medium. Every year we try to get him a sweater to wear in the winter and some booties. Then in the summer we like to get him a tank top little outfit to wear so he can still get some breeze and some walking shoes so his feet don’t get too hot. It’s so hard! This was super helpful!


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