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5 Ways to Wear a Classy Watch This Winter

5 Ways to Wear a Classy Watch This Winter

Wearing a watch is a staple of every adult who has their life together. You may have been taught to wear a watch when you were a kid, and you’ve been wearing one all your life, but there’s a tipping point when a watch goes from just being a thing that tells time (who needs that with phones around?) to a statement piece and an accessory that is a must-have for anyone over 20. But how do you make your watch shine, especially in the long-sleeve months that are approaching? Here are a few looks you can start off with:

Simple and sleek

The main rule of wearing a watch that you want to show off is that you have to wear a solid-color outfit. Otherwise, you risk losing your watch in the pattern of the outfit. So something like a black pencil skirt with a dark green long-sleeve top is a great option. But, you might be thinking how the hell you can show off a watch if you’re wearing long sleeves. Do the thing that makes sense, but you never thought of doing – wear it over the shirt. Putting your watch on top of the shirt and even pulling it up a bit will create the perfect canvas that your watch can be displayed on and you won’t have that awkward bump underneath your sleeve. If you are going to wear other jewelry, make sure it’s far away from the watch and keep it dainty – the watch is the star of the show here.


If you work in a corporate environment, you probably wear a button-up and a jacket most days, which don’t make displaying a watch that easy. But there are some things you can do. Firstly, choose a jacket with cropped sleeves. Make sure they’re cropped enough so that it doesn’t look like you just bought a jacket that is a size too small. Next, use a contrasting color to your watch for your shirt, and roll up the sleeves slightly, just enough to reveal your wrists. This will make a great cascading effect, going from the cropped jacket sleeve to the rolled-up sleeve of the shirt and then finishing with a watch. Make sure your pants match the jacket and you are good to go.

Night out

For a stylish night out in wintertime, you might think of wearing something dark and velvety, which goes so great with a winter evening theme. And there’s nothing that will complement that outfit better than stunning, classy watches that are minimal with just enough shine to be an accessory. You can play up little things here, like if your watch has a white bracelet, pair it with a white shoe to compliment your dark outfit and bring more attention to the watch. If you do want to go a bit crazy with the accessories here, you can, just make sure that they are matching the watch and that they’re not fighting for the eye’s focus when it’s all put together.

Something sporty

If your style is generally sporty, or if you just have a lazy weekend when you’re in your tracksuit but you still want to wear a watch, you can pick something oversized, but still keeping it classy to make sure you don’t look like a kid. Go for a steel watch, bracelet and all, because it will work much better than a leather strap. If you want to be playful, you can choose a watch with a colored face to bring an element of color. With something like a tracksuit or any jacket with a fitted sleeve, you can just pull it up slightly to reveal the watch, without rolling it up.


Something you’ve certainly seen a lot in the past few years are all kinds of variations of smart-watches. Basically, a phone on your wrist. Whether you use it for quick communication when your phone is out of range, for counting your steps or measuring your heart rate, the classic and sleek design makes it a good fit for most outfits, from sporty to business. However, it’s not a good choice for a formal event, as a standard watch will be an actual accessory, rather than a gadget.

So no matter what your style and how often you wear your watch, just know that there’s an easy way to incorporate it into any look you choose this winter.

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