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11 Mac Apps That’ll Make Any Student’s Life Easier

11 Mac Apps That’ll Make Any Student’s Life Easier

Did you know that half of all college students believe their high school did not prepare them for the organizational needs of college? Whether it’s writing notes in one system or organizing research, it’s best to be prepared when studying for a class. 

With this guide, you can learn about the best Mac apps for students. From manuscripts to instant translate, these apps can help you with your studies. Now let’s take a look at the best apps for college students: 


Writing a proper paper with correct formatting and annotations can be difficult, but with Manuscripts, everything is just one easy click away. Unlike word processors, Manuscripts edit headlines, footnotes, and restructure annotations to meet style guidelines.

This app works if you’re writing in MLA, APA, or Chicago style formats. Also, since it suggests edits, you can work efficiently. By using less time to search for the publisher of the book and more time writing your essay, you can craft a well-thought piece.  

Unlike other writing apps, it’s free. All you need to get started is to download the software and begin writing. With its quick and easy system, it’s perfect for any student looking to write a perfect paper. 


Approximately 36% of high school students entering college are not prepared for university mathematics. If you’re taking a college math course, MathKey is the best tool to use to convert word problems into equations. 

All you have to do is type the problem into the app or take a picture, and MathKey will give you an equation. It’s a great tool to use since it allows you to understand why the problem was converted in such a way. Unlike other math apps, MathKey explains the conversion, which can help you in solving future problems. 

Also, you can assign different colors to various formulas or images. Thus, you can identify problems you have a hard time solving or rule out unnecessary answers. 


For those of you who are disorganized, this app can help you. By organizing all your notes into one place, it provides complete preparation for college courses. 

With its separate compartments, it organizes by subject. Studies also gives you space for images, screenshots, text notes, as well as schedules. 

In addition, it features statistics on which classes you study the most and which you might want to study more. Its simple layout makes it’s perfect for studying classes individually or as a group.  

Be Focused 

If you’re easily distracted, this app will help you stay on track. By using a work timer, it creates the perfect balance between work and play. 

Also, you can set daily goals and achieve them at your own pace. Since it’s controlled by a fun interactive timer, it’s likely to make you smile and laugh.

Unlike other timers, it won’t stress you out with its continuous countdown; instead, it will motivate you. You can use the timer for any activity like jogging, writing, or even planning a vacation. 


Over 60% of college students run out of money before the end of a semester. With Moneywiz, you can prevent money loss by keeping track of your expenses. The app will send you reminders, plan monthly budgets, and can even predict future expenses. 

Also, with it’s easy to use features and simple set-up, you can see when all your bills are due. That way, you don’t get charged late fees, or miss important payments. 

It’s the perfect tool to use if you need to save money. By seeing what you have to pay, it can give you a good idea of what amount you should save each month. 


If you love to mind map, this app is for you. As an idea-gathering and brainstorming tool, you can visualize as many possibilities as you want. With its easy to use features and simple layout, you can approach a complex topic and dissect it thoroughly.  

All you have to do is start with a concept and build from there. This is a great tool to use if you’re analyzing a book, or trying to come with a business plan. 

You can also document your findings and attach the necessary resources in your files. That way, you won’t lose such important information and always remember how it links back to your original idea. 


This note-taking tool is perfect for in-class note-taking. Since it offers a variety of tools like text notes, voice messages, and iSight notes, you can jot down any random thought that comes to mind.  

Also, you can create lists and set reminders for yourself as well. You can even share notes with friends or look up information using Evernote’s “Context” button.  

While Evernote is free, the paid version may be a better selection for some college students. If you decide to purchase Evernote, your data limit will increase. Also, you can use the app with more than two devices. 


In college, streaming entertainment is crucial as not everyone has the means to a TV. With OneCast, you can stream Xbox One. By connecting your Mac and Xbox to the same network, you can play games, watch videos, and talk with friends.  

Like other streaming services, OneCast isn’t free; instead, it can cost up to 20 dollars. However, by purchasing it, you can enjoy no lag time and multiple profile support. You can also customize your gaming experience and enjoy high definition gameplay.    

For the best connection, make sure your iPod, iPod touch or iPad is connected to a strong WiFi network. In addition, make sure your controller is physically close enough to the console, or the wireless connection might be interrupted. 


With this app, you can hide desktop icons, blur certain areas, or even annotate when taking a screenshot. This app is perfect if you want to prevent anyone from seeing your desktop due to confidentiality reasons. With its advanced features, it allows you to take a cleaner shot and grab a crisp screenshot. 

In school, teachers may require screenshots to be taken in order to prove you’ve completed an assignment. If you’re unsure how to take a screenshot visit, This site will help you take the best screenshot. 

Fantastical 2  

As a student, you’re always on the go; however, with this app, you can keep your schedule organized. Fantastical 2 is complete with an in-depth calendar and extensive reminders to help you throughout your day. It’s even compatible with iCloud reminders so you can sync all your information in one place.  

It’s perfect for jotting down your sporadic job hours or homework due dates. Since you can color-code, bold, and customize each reminder, you can make your calendar unique to you.  

However, like many other apps, you do have to pay for Fantastical 2. It costs up to 5 dollars in the app store. By purchasing it, you can have an extended keyboard that makes typing events so much easier. Also, you can repeat events, create alerts, and manage notifications more efficiently. 

Instant Translate  

If you’ve signed up for a foreign language course, you’ll certainly benefit from this handy tool. Instant translate can translate any word or phrase; in fact, it has been found to be more accurate than Google Translate. 

However, you don’t have to type out each needed sentence. With it’s newest feature Phrasebook, it can even translate your speech. With more than 100 languages, its easy to use and efficient if you have limited time. 

Also, it’s a great study tool as it can help you understand words or phrases you might have forgotten. You can have the app read the word back to you or even look up its origin. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Mac Apps for Students

Some of the best Mac apps for students are those that instill organization. Apps like Studies, Fantastical 2, Be Focused, and MoneyWiz allows students to organize their daily life. By using some of these apps, kids can expect an increase in grades, time management, and overall school participation. 

While some of these apps might be more costly than others, it’s important to get the full benefits. By purchasing an app, you can increase your data limit, have more resources, or even use it on more than one platform. 

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