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Quick, Easy and Cheapest Way to Start a Blog Nowadays – Updated

Quick, Easy and Cheapest Way to Start a Blog Nowadays – Updated

Originally published April 22, 2017. Content updated September 14, 2017

These days, starting a blog and creating a website has become easier.  As a content creator, I have realized that writing a blog is a natural talent for many people because it’s a part of our daily habit to read feeds from social media on our cell phones, tablets, and computers.

There are over 400 million blog readers every month, so the chances are great that someone will come across your blog in any given day.  As a beginner, you just need to be patient.  Blogging is no longer a thing in the past, it’s a trend and also, you just need to get started!  I avoid procrastination when I have a task that I want to accomplish.

Here is a quick, easy and cheapest way to start a blog nowadays:

1) CHOOSE YOUR NICHE – Identify the topic that you are passionate about or the activity that you love to do.  By knowing these things, you will have a better idea of the audience that you want to reach out to.  Define your ideal readers and carefully decide the purpose of your blogging.  What is your blog made for, what are you going to write about, and how much time will you be doing this?

2) PICK YOUR DOMAIN NAME – your domain name or personal blog address should reflect who you are and what you are about.  Make your domain name meaningful.  Start from scratch for free by going to the Weebly website.  Weebly is still on the top list of website creators. 

Without having to learn any HTML codes, you should be able to set up your blogging website easily without any expenses.  It is okay to try, but of course, when it’s free, your domain will read “” instead of getting a credible one like  Most likely, you’re not allowed to advertise on most free websites, so start with a professional looking one.

The best source I would recommend because I have been using it for all of my websites even up to this very moment and in more coming years would be as they have amazing promotions, affordable for all and they have stellar support. I used to buy my first few website domains from Godaddy but it wasn’t great for me each annual renewal. Namecheap was very affordable, robust and there’s no gimmicks! 

3) SIGN UP FOR YOUR WEB HOSTING –when you are ready to earn and build a profitable blog, I highly suggest that you transition to a better platform like Siteground. It is way affordable, like seriously half the price I pay from my old web hosting company!!! Especially compared to the quality of service, speed and I have never ever had to experience calling the support line with the same issue over and over again. Love that they’ll never let you down, they’ll work until they resolve the issue for you!

4) GET THE PERFECT THEME – as soon as you land into your control panel, look for the button to install WordPress. Click on the install button to easily set up your WordPress.  When you are directed to the themes page, you don’t need to buy any of them.  There are many awesome themes for you to choose from that are free so take your time as it is very important to select the one that perfectly fits your niche, like choose the most attractive one!

For a forever FREE WordPress theme that is responsive to mobile and online businesses, go get Happy Themes!

5) WORDPRESS TUTORIALS – YouTube has various tutorials, but look at the date when the video was published to make sure you aren’t watching anything obsolete.  I remember watching several videos and getting overwhelmed with the information provided.  As many notes as I took, I learned that WordPress is actually easy and can be customized!  You’ll agree with me once you get in it.  With the help of the videos, I was able to get my site up and running in no time.  Plus, the result has a great compatibility with every browser.             

6) UTILIZE THEIR PHONE SUPPORT –you’ll love Siteground excellent customer service.  A specialist is available to help you with anything confusing. There is always someone to help immediately and, almost like magic, you realize how easy and fun it is to work with their control panel and WordPress.  They are the friendliest team of specialists!                           

7) START BY PUBLISHING YOUR FIRST BLOG! –As per report, there are over 3 million blog posts that are written every single day and increasing every minute.  Get your first blog posted, but don’t get addictedin posting! too many blogs in one day.  LOL. Kidding aside, it is a great feeling to click on “posts” and “add new” option to start introducing yourself to your readers.  

This is your first “hello” into the blogging world!  So start sharing your good vibes by clicking on “publish”!

Congratulations! You now have something to be proud of and to share with friends, family and the world. Be part of the community, grow your blog and share the happiness!


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