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How to Look After Your Staff Well

How to Look After Your Staff Well

Staff welfare is one of the most important parts of running a business. Happy, healthy staff are not only more likely to be more productive but they are also going to have a better team spirit and give you their loyalty too.

Get Small Business Group Health Insurance

One of the best ways that you can look after your staff is to provide good health insurance. This will allow them to share in good premiums as well as benefit from the contributions you make to those premiums. Offering health insurance as part of your package for newcomers is a great way to encourage more highly qualified applicants as well as reducing operating costs and gaining tax benefits as a result.

Do shop around for the best group health insurance, though and don’t be afraid to switch around to follow the best deals for your team. You should also be wary of upcoding fraud. This is where medical professionals extend treatments or add unnecessary procedures to raise the medical costs charged. While this practice is illegal, it can be difficult to prove unless you use a company offering upcoding fraud services to help you out.

Encourage Staff to Take Regular Breaks

You might think that the longer you work and the harder you work, the more you and your staff will get done. But unfortunately, this isn’t how humans succeed at all. We are really good at focusing clearly for short periods of time but the longer we extend this work for, the less productive we become as we start to tire.

So, rather than pressuring your staff to stay at their desks all day, you should be encouraging them to work intensively for shorter periods and then wandering about the office or chatting by the water cooler in between. Not only will everyone feel a lot more relaxed, but they will also have more to show for their day at work.

Make Your Staff Feel Valued

We all tend to feel better about ourselves when we know that someone will notice when we do well and reward us. This means that as an employer, you need to know when to offer praise to your staff, as well as give them opportunities to succeed well.

When staff feel valued, they are more motivated to work efficiently and do their best. One way to encourage this is to set them tasks that will challenge them just enough without being impossible and then compliment them when they manage it well. Part of your role as a manager is to help your staff to improve their skills and reach their full potential so pointing them in the right direction and giving assistance where needed is vital for their self-esteem.

Looking after your staff isn’t just good business sense, it is also the best way to create a team of people who are happy to see each other and work together every day. Work takes up a lot of our time, so if you want to hang on to the best people and create a kind of second family, you need to look after them properly and encourage them to stay.

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