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How to Renovate a Garage

How to Renovate a Garage

A garage is often an underutilized part of the home. It takes a lot of space and it can easily be transformed into something more than it is. It’s often a project that the homeowners could undertake on their own with just a bit of help from professional construction crews.

The best way to go about doing this is to have a clear plan that states what your garage should be and how you plan to use it. Have in mind that the room will be used for years to come and that your needs might change.

Cleaning up

For most homes, a garage is also a storage unit. Things accumulate in the garage for years and it takes time to clean the place up and make it useable or even make it approachable for the construction team.

This is also a chance to throw away or sell all the things that you have in your garage and that you don’t use. This will help you raise additional funds for renovations and it’s best to be strict with this and to throw away as much as you can.


The most important part of renovating a garage is changing the floors. Garage floors are usually of bad quality since they aren’t used that much and if you want to use the room in any other way, you’ll need to change the floors first. If you don’t know how you plan to use the room, it’s best to go with sheet vinyl flooring from Sydney, since it could be used for a variety of purposes.

This is something that’s paid based on the size of the room per a square foot of flooring, which allows you to plan the process in advance.

Storage space

When a garage is repurposed, it’s usually turned into a gym or into a workshop of some kind. All of this means that the biggest concern is how to get additional space for storage without having to tear down walls or do any other major construction.

There are a few inexpensive ways to go and they are mostly about utilizing as much square footage of your walls as you can. Shelves are easy to install and they are much less expensive than any other way of expanding storage space.


Garages rarely have good lighting since it’s not really necessary if the room is used just as a garage and storage. There’s nothing you can do about it, but replace the lights with something more suited to your new arrangement. This can be done in phases since it can be quite expensive. The key is to have a main light for the room and to add task lights wherever there’s a need for them.

It’s best to use LED lights instead of traditional light bulbs. Again, they are more expensive and it might take a while to buy them all, but they use less electricity and last longer.

Renovating your garage doesn’t have to be an expensive project, but it can make your home more comfortable and in the end, more valuable. The key to doing so is knowing how you plan to use the new room and to make adjustments according to that choice.

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