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How To Make a Perfect Cozy Decor for Holidays

How To Make a Perfect Cozy Decor for Holidays

Holidays are the only occasions that welcome glitter, plaid, and fairy lights with open arms. So if thinking about decorating your house for the holidays, you might as well go all out. Instead of being plain Jane with the classic red and green go wild and do it how you want it to be not how it’s expected. Here are some ideas that can help you pick your holiday decor.

Change Up Your Art

Hang new art on your walls that represent holiday colours and subject matter. Match it to the holiday decor you may already have. If you don’t have a space for new artwork, you can just update all your frames with some holiday looking ones.  

Have a Cozy Holiday Smell

If you are not into burning candles another great way of giving your house that holiday cozy smell is by simmering a holiday potpourri on your stove. There are a lot of amazing recipes you can choose from that will make you and your family feel super cosy.

Hang Some Fairy Lights

There is nothing that screams holidays more than fairy lights. You can simply drape them over all the doorways and entryways and your house will feel festive and super cosy.

Add Holiday Cushions and Blankets

Replace any lightweight cushions and linens with cozy, chunky textured cushions and blankets, likes knits or velvets, and things with patterns like plaid. By adding accent items like those you are adding the warm and cozy feeling while still making it festive for the holidays.

Add Fresh Flowers to your Tables

Don’t just stick some flowers in a vase and call it a day, take some time and arrange them nicely to get that holiday garden cozy vibe. You can just buy some simple flowers and add some greens and holly berries to get the best holiday feel.

Bring in the Rustic Charm

Most of us don’t live in a log cabin, but that doesn’t mean we can decorate the house to get that feel. Go to your local antique shops and try to find decors like wooden boxes, vintage sleds or snow-covered tiny trees and use it to give your house a cozy rustic holiday feel.

Add a Pop of Colour

You can decorate your living room with some greenery and add some ornaments and ribbons to give it a pop of colour. If Christmas is close you can add a garland and match it to your existing wall art and the already existing holiday decor, so you are not forcing those classic Christmas decorations yet.

Add New Lampshades

This the quickest way that you can make your space feel warm and cozy. Just simply swap out the shades on the lamps that you want to change and you will get a whole new look instead of buying a new lamp. The best holiday fabrics are heavy garage linen fabrics. Because the linen is chunky the light it produces makes a soft cozy glow.

Make a Hot Cocoa Bar

If you have a bar cart or a place that is dedicated to coffee or drinks in your kitchen, you can give it a holiday makeover with some cute little trees, holiday wood signs, festive mugs and an assortment of tea, hot chocolate and of course amazing coffee.

Decorate Your Porch                                  

We all decorate the inside of our homes when the holidays come, but what about the porch? To make the whole house feel cozy you can add some planters with mini fake or real pine trees planted inside of them.

Make a Fake Fireplace Cozy

Most people have just decorative fireplaces, but sometimes during the holiday season, people wish that they can all curl up next to the fire. But instead of putting candles into it you can just hang string lights inside to make it look really cozy.

Keep It Clean and White

No rule says that the holiday decor has to be red and green to be considered festive. Go with a white palette and then add some metallic accents. Metallic decor is festive but too fancy to use as normal decor, therefore it works really good as accent pieces during holidays.

Go The Modern Way

If you are not interested in anything that is too Christmassy or too in your face, try the modern way of holiday decor. Go for some mini geometric decorations.

A Nuts Assortment

You can make cute table decorations with just a couple of glass vases. All you need is some walnuts, cranberries and almonds. It’s fast, easy and it will make the whole room feel cozy.

Holidays are all about spending time with the people you love. Don’t get too caught up in decorating your house all on your own. Make it a family activity and it will be even more magical.

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