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Moving Day Mistakes To Avoid

Moving Day Mistakes To Avoid

Moving home can be a stressful process at the best of times, but certain mistakes can make it all the more stressful. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes to avoid on moving day to ensure that your transition to your new home goes as smoothly as possible.

Packing last minute

When moving home, you’re packing your entire life up. Unlike going on vacation, you can’t get away with packing the night before. Starting the packing process a couple months in advance allows you to do it in an orderly and organised fashion. It gives you a chance to declutter and possibly sell those items you don’t need. Start with the big clutter zones such as the loft or garage. From here, focus on packing ornaments and contents of cupboards and wardrobes, going from one room to the next. You’ll want to leave the kitchen and bathroom to last. Pack the essentials the night before, but make sure you don’t pack the things you’ll need on moving day.

Using the wrong moving service

There are lots of moving companies out there to choose from. Some specialise in long-distance moves involving bulky and fragile items. Others may specialise in short-distance local moves, offering speeding service for small amounts of items. It’s possible to get away with hiring a van and moving the contents yourself when transporting small amounts of items a short distance. If you’re travelling long distance or have lots of belongings to take with you, it may be preferential to hire professional movers that own a lorry in order to reduce the amount of trips needed. You want to spend as little time and money as possible.

Not labelling boxes

Not labelling boxes is a common mistake. This can make it difficult to organise your items when you get to your new home – you may only want to access certain items on your first night in your new home, but without labelling boxes you’ll have to rummage through every box to find these items. It’s also worth labelling boxes so that you know which ones contain fragile contents. This can allow you to handle these boxes carefully and not stack other heavy boxes on top of them.  

Forgetting to hire a babysitter/dogsitter

You don’t want kids and pets getting under your feet on moving day. They may damage things or escape out the front door (which is likely to be open most of the day) if not supervised. They may even get injured if something heavy falls on them. It could be advantageous to hire a babysitter or dogsitter for the day so that you can focus all your attention on the move.  

Forgetting to arrange cleaning

Cleaning your property after leaving it is essential in most cases – you may be fined by an agent or not get your deposit back from your landlord for not cleaning up afterwards. Arrange some time the day after to go back and clean the property or hire a cleaning service that can do it for you.  

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