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5 Methods for Weed Removal to Try This Year

5 Methods for Weed Removal to Try This Year

Weed removal may seem like a losing battle. No one likes watching crabgrass displace their Kentucky Blue or other lovely lawn grasses.

Your lawn is more important than you might think. Estimates indicated that the Earth lost half of its topsoil over the past 150 years. 

This topsoil preserves the soil’s nutrients and microorganisms. Maintaining your lawn is essential, but what is the best way to accomplish it?

The Importance of Weed Removal 

The very definition of a weed is something that grows in an unwanted place. You will likely spot several plants you do not like as you look over your lawns and gardens.  

Therefore, no plant is a “weed” by scientific definition. Instead, they are plants that find themselves growing in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

This is not to say that some types of plants can’t be disruptive to your lawn. Weeds such as crabgrass can disrupt and kill the roots of almost any surrounding grass. 

Crabgrass, part of a species known as Poaceae, creates ugly and erosive patches. Using a weed removal tool or other root disruption can help. However, weeds such as crabgrass and other pervasive weeds can be tough to kill. 

Methods of Lawn Care

Lawn care is an integral part of weed prevention. Lawn care services or a weed removal service can be helpful and practical. You can find and request services on lawncare sites such as

However, you do not need to purchase these services if you know what you’re doing. Some methods involve muscle work and TLC to accomplish your goals. 

There are also chemical and other invasive treatments to kill the weeds at the root. The best method for you depends on how bad your weed issues are and what you desire. 

1. Physical Removal 

You can use a weed root remover to break up the weed roots, such as a rototiller or hand rake. You can also pull the weeds up by hand.

However, you will want to get the whole root up. Weeds, such as crab grasses, are spread by their root systems. Through this system, many weeds can survive even through winter. 

2. Alter the Soil  

Improving your soil nutrients can help keep your desired grass and plants healthy. By keeping your plants and grass healthy, you give them a leg up on invasive plants. 

The USDA describes healthy soil as rich in nutrients and aerated. This soil is a vibrant organism that feeds the needs of the plants you desire. This allows them to dominate the space, thus limiting access to weeds. 

3. Alter the Environment

Similar to the method above, you can alter the environment of your lawn and garden. Add peat moss and wood chips to help stifle the root system of the weeds. 

If you decide to lay down such substances, it could kill your other plants. Therefore, only do this if you’re willing to lose what you have and start fresh. 

4. Homemade Sprays

You can make natural weed killers safely at home. These weed killers are effective, especially if you want to kill weeds in your sidewalk cracks. 

These sprays use dish soap, vinegar, and salt to fry the weeds and make them wither. This method is excellent, especially if you have children or pets who harsh chemicals can hurt.  

5. Chemicals  

Harsh chemicals are an effective method of killing weeds. However, many of them will kill other surrounding plants and may harm vegetables. 

If you use a harsh chemical in your produce garden, ensure it is not near harvest time. Be sure to wash all produce thoroughly as well. 

Some weed killers, known as selective weed killers, only kill specific weeds. These are the best option to use on your lawn if you want to get rid of pesky crabgrass. 

Weed Removal for Beginners and Experts 

Weed removal is not too hard, as long as you are careful and consistent. Making your lawn a healthy and vibrant place involves regularly feeding it and watering it. 

Fertilizers rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium will give the best result. Lastly, make sure you aerate your lawn before laying down new seeds to give it a headstart over the weeds!