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5 Reasons You Might Need A Plumber

5 Reasons You Might Need A Plumber

Running water is a basic utility, but failure of the equipment that offers this convenience can wreak havoc on your home. It’s important to know when to call a plumber so as to maximize the value and function of your home and prolong the life of your plumbing, fixtures, and appliances.


Has one of your home improvement projects gone awry? A potential HVAC leak? Did your ice maker stop working while your were asleep? The first thing you should do is turn off you water supply. A shut-off valve can usually be found inside the house, and each fixture typically has a valve near it, while another valve can typically be found near your water meter, and usually requires a wrench to make the cut. Once you’ve shut the water off, minimizing the potential or spread of water damage, it’s vital to get in touch with a plumber right away to make a replacement or look for leaks. 

Clogged Drains

Everyone experiences slow and clogged drains on occasion. Sometimes, you can see the blockage impeding the water flow, such as a clump of hair or an errant piece of food or waste, and you can use your hands to remove the offending obstacle. Often, however, the source of the clog is a mystery. While running hot water down the drain or using a commercial clog-busting solution might be a temptation, it’s usually best to call a plumber as a clogged drain could indicate a more serious problem, such as tree roots interfering in your sewer line. 

Running Toilets

Aside from some white noise, running toilets might not seem like much of a nuisance, but a running toilet wastes more gallons of water than you would expect. It’s best to call a plumber for a repair to give your ears a rest while also saving on your water bill. 

Rattling Hose Bibs

Most homes have at least one exterior hose bib for the convenience of an outdoor water supply. Most installations are designed to withstand cold winter temperatures, however, other problems with bibs can arise. Be sure any hoses or other attachments fit properly on the bib and don’t leak. If you notice a rattling or looseness in the bibs or pipes that wiggle around, it can often be indicative of a leak inside the walls. This is an issue that is always best to turn over to a plumber.

Staining and Deposit Build-Up 

Not all watermarks and stains are natural. If you notice a surplus of crusty stains on faucets or fixtures that is excessive, or colored, that build-up could indicate problems in your pipes. A professional can take a look and identify a problem you might not be able to see. A professional can also recommend filters or purification systems that are right for your home. 

We can’t know how to repair all the systems and features in our home, but informing ourselves on what signs and symptoms to watch for and especially when to call professional service are key to keeping homes in good condition while increasing their value and minimizing problems down the road. 

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