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Making the Most out of your Small Modern City Garden

Making the Most out of your Small Modern City Garden

A garden is a place to escape to after work and relax with your friends and family. Having a garden can make you sustainable in a way, as you will have enough plants to produce the oxygen you need. However, not everyone lives in a house even though they certainly need and deserve what a garden has to offer. Here is how you can turn your several feet of outdoors into a private urban oasis.

Sketch the layout

Before doing any actual work, you need to make sure you know what you want to do with your balcony. Consider the size of your garden and its purpose. Do you see yourself spending more time picnicking in a forest or barbequing next to a pool? This will help you determine what kind of furniture, equipment, colors, and plants you want in your garden. Plan the pathways if you have enough room for them. You can use them to create a sense of space by having a path curving away into one of the corners of your garden.

Small Modern City Garden

Prepare the ground

You need an empty canvas in order to start real work, so remove everything from your balcony. Clean debris and dirt from your tiles. Decluttering is the key as whatever you already have on your balcony will be in your way while you are working on this project and it will take up valuable space. Build a small shed-like closet on your balcony to keep whatever gardening supplies you need as well as the things that actually belong on a balcony and are not there just because you do not know where else to put them.

Small Modern City Garden

Build a vertical garden

Vertical gardens are a growing trend worldwide. They are very intense pieces of greenery and apart from their beauty, they are very practical. Since you are setting up a small garden, you need to save as much space as you possibly can and a vertical garden, as well as suspended flower pots, are a perfect choice. Apart from saving space, a vertical garden can assume a role of a privacy fence and serve as a natural barrier between two sections of your balcony. Furthermore, if placed around the edges it can provide additional safety, shade and a unique filter from all the dust coming from busy streets.

Small Modern City Garden

Build raised garden beds

As you are making a garden on your balcony or a rooftop, you probably do not have any soil up there but you have to create a spot for planting or even a little tree planting in the corner. Raised flower beds are a perfect solution to your troubles. You can make them quite big and shallow in order to create an illusion of the actual ground. By using garden beds of different depths, as well as flower pots plus the vertical garden features you will create a garden on several levels. This will improve the density of your greenery and help you add texture and color.

Small Modern City Garden

Lay a Patio and choose the right furniture

Use the narrow spaces between the garden beds as paths and the open area as your patio. If the size of your balcony allows it, you can use composite decking and spice up your garden by having several decks. Make sure that the scale of your furniture suits the space you have and the planters and the beds you have already placed. Not to be too repetitive, but the rest of the equipment and amenities in your garden will depend on its size. If you have enough space you can even set up a bar or a swimming pool area. Hose Link suggests obtaining a very basic set of tools for the garden as it will help you maintain it but you won’t have to worry about storage, it will easily fit into your shed-like closet.

Small Modern City Garden


Lights have an important role regardless of the space you are decorating, both indoors and outdoors. First of all, make sure that there is enough natural light during daytime but also that there is a fair portion of space in the shade. Install outdoor spotlights and add fairy lights for the romantic mood. You can use the solar lights and ‘plant’ them in your garden beds. I like them as I prefer having energy-efficient decorative lights.

Do not let the lack of space discourage you. I have seen so many people waste their balcony by using it as a storage. Do not make the same mistake and create a little sanctuary instead.

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