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Top 5 Spring Home Improvement Projects

Top 5 Spring Home Improvement Projects

With nature opening its arms to the miracles of spring, it’s time to think about the things you can do to welcome the new warm months to your home. There are a lot of DIY and professional projects you can take on that will make your house look and feel worthy of spring. This is the best time of year for home improvements as the warm weather provides perfect grounds for work while the rebirth of life with spring gives you the needed motivation.

1. Repair the roof

The roof is the one thing holding your home together and protecting it from weather elements. After the ending of every winter season, it’s your job to check if the roof is still functional. Anything that even looks like it could leak should be fixed immediately. Possible leaks can be the cause of wear and tear due to the age of the roof, but also indicators of damage.

Winter weather can be harmful to your roof, but so can the overgrown branches next to your house. This is why you should consider cutting them down a little when you fix your roof, too.

2. Repainting

From the fence to the house, you need to take a closer look at the paint job. When was the last time you laid a fresh layer of paint on those features of your house? Start by peeling off the old layers and letting the wood breathe a little. Due to the change in the atmosphere, you’re bound to see some peel offs. Coating your wooden fence in a fresh layer of paint will be especially good for the wood in spring, as it will get to retain its full quality due to the dryness of the environment.

When we’re talking about the exterior of your house, of course, it could benefit from a little change. It’s probably been forever since you gave your home a fresh look. Thus, repainting the outside (and even the inside) of your home can prove to be one home improvement project worth your time.

3. Repaving

Whether we’re talking about the path that leads to your home, your driveway, or the stones in your backyard, one thing is for sure- it needs to be repaved. After all, by constantly being in damp soil and often drowned in salt to make it less slippery, it’s almost sure your stepping stones and driveway pavements are in bad condition.

Top it all off with the sudden change in temperature, and you’re bound to see new cracks and loose ends. Spring is the perfect time to take out the old pathways and create new ones. You can simply replace what’s broken, or you can think outside the box and choose a completely different pattern and design. As far as the driveway is concerned, it’s best to stick to the classic and highest quality design, as your safety is the most important thing here.

4. A new deck

Building a new deck is a great way to ensure your whole family has a place to take a moment and enjoy the upcoming spring. Your deck can be your safe place from stress, worries, and troubles, while also looking extremely elegant and stylish. To ensure both of the qualities are present in your deck, it’s best to turn to trusted timber and wood wholesale. There’s nothing that will guarantee the highest quality of your new deck than that.

After all, you want the smooth edges, the polished floors, and the feel of luxury. Otherwise, what’s the point of having a deck to begin with? Timber and wood are the materials that bring every deck to a whole new level of elegance, allowing your friends and family to revel in the way they want. 

A new patio would also be another option and Concrete Pros Bend can greatly help.

5. Landscaping

Seeing nature blossom can often inspire us to carve our own piece of land designated for beauty. Landscaping your backyard can prove to be more than just a way to spend a few weekend afternoons. With a flower here and a bush there, you’ll end up with an elegant landscape design, fit for any backyard relaxation session.

It’s important to have a coherent plan when starting landscaping, as you should use every inch of land to your advantage. Before you start decorating, it’s also advisable to think about what kind of design you want to opt for. One of the latest trends in 2019 is definitely Zen gardens, and if you’re looking to create a place of pure relaxation and serenity, this definitely might be the design for you. Draw some inspiration from the Japanese culture and get to landscaping.


Whatever you decide to build and whoever you decide to hire, be sure that your home is going look amazing. Your neighbours, friends, and family members are bound to enjoy the improvements you’ve made as much as you. Spring will become even more enjoyable when you have something new to revel in.

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