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Refresh Your Home For This Spring

Refresh Your Home For This Spring

The season of life is almost upon us, and it is amazing to see the days starting to get longer and the temperatures much less bitter. Our homes for the last six months have been a place of cosy comfort, warm tones and candlelight, but as we step into the next season, things are going to change.

Spring and summer are undoubtedly the favourite seasons for many people because of the sunshine and also because of the colours which are present in nature and our homes. This is the perfect time to add some fresh texture and colour into your home.


You may have noticed in the last few years that ownership of succulents like cactus and aloe Vera has risen hugely. The main reason for this is probably because they are easy to keep, but they also provide fun shapes and bursts of colour to the home. If you have a large table or a work surface which is bare, you can make a terrarium with succulents and rocks to add some colour to your home. They are easy to maintain and you will simply need to water it once a week or so.

Spring Colours

In the spring, you get a huge range of beautiful colours to use in the house. It is the perfect opportunity to paint the walls a new colour to add vibrancy and light to the home. The colours of spring are associated with happiness, so by paining you wall a beautiful pastel purple or yellow you will create a feeling a happiness and calm in the home. If you don’t want to paint the walls you can also add accents such as cushions or even pieces of furniture.

An Indoor Garden

If you love the idea of having herbs and fruit in the home, all you need is an old bird bath or even a small wooden trough which is lined with plastic. Fill it up with soil and plant some of your favourite herbs and fruits. Make sure you place it near a window and water regularly, and you will immediately add colour and aroma to your home for the spring.


Ombre is a term used for fading colours which transition from dark to light. It is used for painting, makeup and even on nails for a stunning recycled, but did you know you can also use this technique at home? If you have a bookshelf or storage unit which needs a refresh, you can turn it into and ombre feature by painting the bottom in your chosen colour, and gradually adding more white to the paint as you work your way up. It will result in a stunning piece for your living space.


The windows are a key part of the home which many people take for granted. As the spring draws in, natural light is your best friend. You should make the most of natural light by ditching the chunky curtains and replacing them with vertical blinds which can be opened during the day time. It will bring the light into your home and make it feel much bigger and brighter.

A lot of people avoid wallpaper because they hate having to apply it onto the wall, but it can be a brilliant way to inject some life back into the home without too much effort. If you don’t fancy wallpapering the whole room, one wall is more than enough to give that element of vibrancy and character.

Blossoming Flowers

One brilliant way to add some colour into the home without changing anything in the actual house is to simply buy a bunch of flowers. Even just the presence of spring blooms can make a huge difference to the overall feel of the home at this time of year. Imagine how beautiful a bouquet of orange daisies would look on the dining table, or a soft yellow roses in the kitchen. Any colour you can bring into the home is amazing and should be made the most of.

Hanging Lights

A recent trend which has taken over modern homes is having light fittings which manifest as hanging light bulbs. If you need to change things up at home in the next few weeks, you can swap out the old lights for this stylish fitting. It will not only add a touch of elegance to the home, but it will make some tall great Instagram photo opportunities!

Green Everywhere

If you really want to welcome the new season, one thing you cannot miss out on is bringing some green into your living space. Soft grasses and palm leaves can create a stunning feature in a minimalist room and will allow you to truly become connected to nature during the next few months of the year. If you want a hint of colour within a green plant, you can buy something like a flamingo flower which gives bright red flower atop a deep green bloom. Sitting this in the corner of your room against a white wall can bring a lovely sense of life to the living room.

Play With Pattern

Once the winter has gone, you can say goodbye to tartan prints and start looking for other patterns to adorn the home with. During the spring and the summer, there are plenty of different patterns which fit the style of the seasons. There are bold floral prints, chevron patterns and geometric shapes which make an appearance almost everywhere. If you want to play around with types of colour, consider looking for soft furnishings and other items which also contain metallic lines.


Sometimes a simple piece of artwork on the wall isn’t enough, and ty want something which is a little more intense and unique. A fun idea would be to get a couple of frames, grab your tools from Tool Nerds and bind the empty grams to the wall. What you will be left with is a number of box shelves on the wall which could be filled with books, plants and even small ornaments. Have some fun with the positioning of these frames, remember that they don’t all have to be the same height!


Circles can be a great way to add some texture and style to the home during the spring, and it will make your wall feel fresh and unique. For example, styled plates, circular mirrors and clocks can make stunning adornments on the walls. If you have a blank wall in the house, you can get creative and find a giant wall clock or circular feature which will take up the space and create a stark feature in the house.

Seats with Legs

We all know that a cosy corner sofa is unbeatable in the winter months, but once the days begin to get warmer it can feel a little stifling to have all of this fabric against your legs. One way to change up your living space in the warmer months is to have a sofa and chairs which have wooden legs. This not only creates a feeling of space in your living area, but it also let the air flow and allows you not to become overheated during the evening.

Fresh Floors

One way to change the way your home feels is to change the floors which run through the home. If you have always loved with carpets, it might be time to try something new and lay a hardwood floor instead. You can even paint your floor a fun colour such as yellow to really set the tone for the next few months of the year.

A Fruit Bowl

It sounds a little silly to add a fruit bowl onto a home decor list, but it can actually make a massive impact on the way your kitchen looks and feels during this season. Filling a bowl with grapes, apples, oranges and bananas will give you the motivation to snack on healthy food as well as make your house feel more like a home.

A Spring Wreath

Believe it or not, a wreath is a decorative item which can be useful all year round, not just during the holiday season. The best way to customise a wreath for the spring is to add burst of colour and floral notes. You can make your own wreath at home with a simple ring. Som fake flowers and fake fruits such as lemon and oranges. It will add a splash of colour to the home and will be a beautiful addition to your spring home.

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